Tips To Accept Unhealthy Halloween Treats

Tips To Accept Unhealthy Halloween Treats


As a parent, you’ve got a responsibility to be a good role model for your child. When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, a lot of parents decide to introduce healthy choices and habits from a young age. Many show their children the importance of a healthy routine to bring structure to the day. Popular routines often include a nutritious breakfast, plenty of fruits and vegetables, and regular sports activities. By creating a routine for yourself, you can already encourage your child in the right direction. 


Tips To Accept Unhealthy Halloween Treats

However, sometimes our efforts to build healthy habits face unexpected challenges. Halloween is one of those. The night of sweets and treats make it hard for parents to keep their household healthy. However, don’t let the day ruin your health plan. Indulgence is key to sticking to your healthy routine. So, it’s okay to allow yourself something sweet from time to time.

Make it exciting

Halloween is not just about receiving sweets and candies. It’s about excitement. More often than not, children receive the same treats from different houses, as most people will purchase Halloween treats from the same shops. When this happens, quantity becomes the main source of excitement. But if children were to receive different and unique sweets, such as from an American candy assortment, diversity will beat quantity. The bottom line: Aim for new, unusual, or unique treats so children can have a great time even in a small quantity. 

Make it last

Children never receive just a handful of sweets. They could come back with a bag full of chocolate bars, biscuits, candies, and other sugar-loaded treats. It would be unfair to forbid them from eating their Halloween earnings. However, you can encourage them to make the Halloween stash last a long time. Typically, caramels, jelly candies, and gums can last up to 9 months in their packaging. Hard sugar sweets and lollipops will last a full year. Plain chocolate bars can last up to a year too. In other words, store the staff safely in a cool and dry place to enjoy the Halloween treats in moderation. 

Make them yourself

If you prefer to give safe treats, you can consider simple Halloween recipes that are healthy and yummy. Pumpkin muffins are a seasonal must, for instance, and they are full of healthy vitamins and fibres. Apple cinnamon cookies are another great choice for sugar cravings. Cinnamon is naturally sweet and makes a yummy pairing with baked apple chunks. These little biscuits may not look scary, but they taste fresh and perfectly seasonal! 

Come up with a plan with the parents in your neighbourhood

If you know other parents in your neighbourhood, it can be helpful to create a Halloween treat strategy. For instance, you can agree on what to give and how much to let children have. Alternatively, you can also choose to replace sweets with fun little games instead. A treasure hunt where children collect hints from neighbours can be a lot of fun. You can hide some carefully chosen sweets inside the treasure chest! 

Additionally, if one child has a food allergy, it’s a good idea to plan ahead and reduce risks. 

In conclusion, there’s no need to fear Halloween treats. There’s a lot you can do to minimise the unhealthy impact without depriving your kids of the fun and excitement of the trick or treat night. 

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