saving for a house

Saving Cash for Big Purchases


A few times in life, we need to spend a few extra pennies than we might usually do – weddings, moving home, heading off to university, new cars and new babies. Most people don’t readily have access to thousands of pounds, and saving is essential to make the amount needed. 

So how can you save up and save cash on big purchases?

saving for a house

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Cash Only

The weight of handing cash over vs. tapping your card on the machine will mean you process money a little bit differently. Of course, you might want to order some things online – after all, big items for new babies and white goods are easier to transport in a dedicated van. 

But for your daily errands and weekly shops – start to get a little bit more cash-minded. 

This is a small change, but it feels very different handing over your hard-earned notes vs swiping your card. 

Shop around

Before you commit to any spending, take a look around at as many websites as possible. There are some comparison websites that can help you do this, but you must do the leg work too. 

If the item is really out of budget for a single purchase, then in the case of baby goods, consider spreading payments with a company like For Your Little One

In this case, it means you will be ready for the baby without the added stress – just remember there will be a little bit extra on top to cover the interest. 

Settle on a brand that you want and find the best price. Factor in shipping costs, too, though. 


Automatic savings is one of the most incredible things for modern savers. It takes all of the effort out of saving manually. Have a goal in mind, and set up an automatic savings app. 

Plum, Cleo and Chip are some of the available software that can help you save – with ease. 

These automated saving bots calculate what you can afford to save based on your spending and upcoming bills. You’ll never be left short when you let the bots take care of it. 

It is essential to know that it might take a day or two before your money will be back in your bank when you transfer it. 

Used items

Does the item need to be new, or could it just be new to you? If it doesn’t need to be new, consider sourcing the item from second-hand retailers like eBay, Facebook Market, Vinted or other second-hand stores. 

Look for the term gently used, and you are likely to pick up an item that feels and works like brand new – with very little evidence that it had lived a life before it got to you. 


There is nothing worse than saving, and saving and saving… without enjoying the fact you have managed to save! Saving is a great thing to do, and knowing that you can finally buy the item when you finally reach the amount is significant. 

Remember that it’s okay if things get in the way when you are saving cash, and the money has to go elsewhere! Don’t be hard on yourself when you’re doing the best you can to save. 

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