How To Save When You Have A Family


When you have a family and you are planning ahead for their life milestones, it can become costly. As the children get older they will want to learn to drive, buy their first car, pay for their University of Suffolk student accommodation and studies or buy their first home. This all costs money. A lot of money…

How To Save When You Have A Family

Whether you have got one child or multiple, it is always worth thinking about ways to cut back now and save on family living where possible, so that you can financially help and support their future and their dreams as much as possible. With these money-saving tips that are possible. 

Review Your Food Costs

When you are wanting to cut back and put some money aside each month, you can struggle to see how that is even possible when your food bill each week is sky-high. Making a couple of changes such as meal planning and having a little more structure in your family’s eating habits can help significantly cut the costs.

Planning breakfast, lunch, dinner plus all snacks for the week in advance is a guaranteed way to save on food costs and food wastage. Not only do you benefit financially but in the long run, you will find yourself visiting the shops less and having more time to spend with your family. When doing your food shop if you use cash you will also find yourself being more mindful of the amount you are spending as you know you have a limit.

Birthdays Don’t Need To Cost A Fortune

Nowadays birthdays can be extremely expensive. There seems to be a competition between parents when it comes to parties, with hiring venues, having custom cakes made, bouncy castles hired as well as their child’s favourite character popping in as well. 

But, from your child’s perspective, none of that really matters. It is all about making memories and having fun. There are plenty of ways that can be achieved and your child can still have a party that will create the best memories, such as a bbq, sleepover, picnic or beach party.


Buying your child brand new on every occasion can end up being extremely costly and potentially a waste of money. Especially when you have young children who can stain,  damage and break an item in no time. Buying items such as clothes and toys secondhand is a great way to save money. 

Where there once was a stigma around buying secondhand, over recent years there has been a change in perspectives and people are much more open about buying secondhand and there are even campaigns running, such as secondhand September to encourage it, and people making more sustainable choices. 

But, along with the idea of buying, you could also opt to start selling those items and toys that the kids have now outgrown. Instead of chucking them away try listing the times on social media for sale. Every little extra you make can go towards future purchases or your savings. 

I hope that these tips on How To Save When You Have A Family help you – have you any tips to add?

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