Sleep Tips for Tricky Tots

Sleep Tips for Tricky Tots


Those of you who are familiar with the bedtime routine with your child will know how eventful it can be! Sometimes what should be a relaxing
end of the day for parent and child can turn into full-on war zone! Here’s a few pointers to consider when developing a lasting and peaceful nighttime routine ensuring everyone can get a great night’s sleep!…

Sleep Tips for Tricky Tots

Routine routine routine!

⦁       Stick to a bedtime routine that works for you both, no children are the same and sometimes sleep duration varies, but ensure you put
everything in place so your child can have some downtime even if it’s not always sleeping straight away!
⦁       Pay attention to what they eat and drink. They don’t want to go to bed hungry or stuffed.
⦁       Create a restful environment. Create a room that’s ideal for sleeping, soft colours, black out blinds and a cool but not cold environment is
⦁       Limit daytime naps so you don’t have an energetic child at bedtime.
⦁       Include physical activity in your daily routine.
⦁       Manage worries, sometimes all of a sudden at the end of the day they start becoming talkative! Often all that’s needed is a quiet half hour
before sleep to talk about their day so they feel listened to. Worry monster toys or a comforter/cuddly toy can help manage any fears about

When it comes to buying a children’s bed it can be quite a minefield.
What should you choose for your child to have the best sleep possible?
There are lots of choices available in Children’s mattresses but a good feature to look for is quality, a waterproof mattress protector can help
preserve the bed for longer and if the child is old enough it’s a great idea for them to test the bed out for comfort.

Do you have any sleep tips for tricky tots? Especially in this heat!?

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