Making Your Living Room Warm and Stylish

Making Your Living Room Warm and Stylish


How many of us get stuck with sacrificing style for comfort or vice versa when it comes to fitting out a room in the home? You want hardwood flooring but it’s not that comfortable underfoot, you love the look of stone, but it is cold to touch in the winter. You have found a great sofa which is extremely comfortable, but the colours are not suited…

Making Your Living Room Warm and Stylish

We are all faced with choosing a flooring design in a certain room. Chances are there is a pretty slim chance in warmth and style meeting halfway. You may feel like the choice is being made for you out of necessity instead of desire.

Best of Both
Most homeowners really want that hardwood floor as it looks great and feels vibrant, but don’t understand that it’s costly, irritatingly stubborn to clean and cumbersome to replace if needs be. So, a better option that can provide an alternative is luxury wood effect vinyl flooring.
We know what you are thinking; it’s the return of that flimsy 80s product that plastered your grandmother’s kitchen. Well – it used to be, but thanks to father time and many innovations in the industry, vinyl flooring is the king of flooring that can perfectly replicate any hardwood,
stone, slate or other floorings at a cheaper price, longer lifespan and durability.

Vinyl such as low price Amtico flooring takes its place among the most creative and striking floor options with a variety of ranges. Whichever room in your home needs sprucing up, it can have a great look for your family and visitors.

Making Your Living Room Warm and Stylish

Combatting the Regular Annoyances
Not only does Amtico offer an incredibly replicated design, but it also encompasses a highly durable resistance to all threats regular flooring alternatives fall foul of. Built for the long haul, vinyl flooring brings technological innovation in resistant manufacturing to fully guarantee a longer life for the product.
Your floor is fully protected against stains, scratches, water, humidity, moisture and, most importantly, unnecessary expense on specialist cleaning chemicals due to the requirement of a simple sweep, mop and vacuum.
It doesn’t matter if you prefer light or dark woods or stone and slate alternatives, such as Amtico Signature. The cheapest Amtico flooring in the UK brings the realistic ranges on the top wear layer and all the protective properties woven on top and underneath. Fitted using
the glue down or click together method, it’s also an easy day’s work in laying it yourself, saving you some pretty pennies on those specialist fitters if you choose to undergo it yourself.

So, your living room and other rooms do not have to resign to choose between comfort and style, thanks to vinyl being naturally comfortable underfoot as well as look just like what you are seeking in the real deal.

I have had wood effect vinyl flooring throughout my downstairs for 11 years and it still looks as good as new. Have you considered vinyl flooring in making your living room warm and stylish?

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