How To Help Your Child Establish A Good Oral Hygiene Routine

How To Help Your Child Establish A Good Oral Hygiene Routine


Oral hygiene is one of the most important acts of self-care you can do; without it, you can develop numerous dental problems that are painful, unsightly, and can impact your general health. Establishing a good oral hygiene routine starts when you are young, so what can you
do to make dental care a positive and exciting experience for your children that they will take
forward into the rest of their lives?

How To Help Your Child Establish A Good Oral Hygiene Routine

Here are some tips for how to help your child establish a good oral hygiene routine:

Brush and floss together
Children learn by example, and you, as their parent, are their main role model. If you do not demonstrate a good oral hygiene routine yourself – for instance, if you only brush your teeth once a day and do not floss – then you are sending a clear signal to your child that dental
hygiene is not important.

Instead, be a good oral hygiene role model by brushing and flossing alongside your child. Here, you can demonstrate to your child the best brushing and flossing techniques and the optimum length of time spent on brushing.

Fun toothbrush
Kids love cute, colourful objects that have been created especially for them. A fun child’s toothbrush in their favourite colour or branded to their favourite cartoon or movie is a great way to keep them interested in brushing their teeth. As well as being a fun incentive, children’s toothbrushes are specifically designed to clean baby teeth more efficiently: the head is small enough to reach the back of small mouths, and the bristles are soft to prevent abrasions. Kids go through toothbrushes at a fast rate, so you might want to consider buying
your dental supplies from an oral hygiene wholesale shop so that you can buy in bulk to help reduce costs.

Toothpaste is key to cleaning and protecting your teeth, and while you might immediately equate toothpaste with a fresh, minty flavour, kids might not be so fond of this taste and become reluctant to brush. Fortunately, there are now many kids’ toothpastes on the market
that have been formulated to have different flavours that are more child-friendly. Your children will be eager to brush using a delicious bubblegum or watermelon flavored toothpaste, that have the added benefits of protecting their enamel and guarding against cavities.

Reward system
If your child is particularly reluctant to brush their teeth regularly, you could set up a reward system. For example, set a goal of brushing their teeth twice a day for a month and record each brushing session on a chart with a gold star. After having completed the full month,
they can be rewarded with a special treat, perhaps a new toy, or a trip to a favourite ice cream shop. Not only will this system help make cleaning their teeth more enjoyable, but at the end of the month, the routine of cleaning twice a day should be firmly established.

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