Supplements to Support Your Health in Winter

Supplements to Support Your Health in Winter


Winter is a time when the days are cold and dark, there are a lot of viruses around, and your body experiences some changes. It’s no accident that winter is also is a time of weight gain and health issues. Support your system throughout these precarious months by supplementing your diet with the right vitamins…

Supplements to Support Your Health in Winter


In the winter our bodies start to crave greasy and unwholesome foods that aren’t exactly bursting with nutritious value. This is quite normal as we receive less sunlight and our bodies crave a serotonin hit which they get from unhealthy foods. 

Even if you can supplement this diet with fruits and vegetables, a multivitamin is still an excellent insurance policy. The multivitamin just makes sure you get all the basic nutrients in your system regardless of your diet.


We can never have enough omega 3 in our diet. This nutrient that usually comes from oily fish but is also found in some seeds, had a range of benefits that can improve our life quality during the winter months. Omega 3 can help your sleep better and improve your skin. 

That’s not all omega 3 can lower your blood pressure, boost your memory, and ease symptoms of stress. If you can’t get oily fish in your diet, or you are a vegan, you can get a suitable omega 3 supplement to eat with your meals. 


Winter is the time when we are most exposed to harmful viruses that can cause debilitating sickness for days or weeks. It isn’t scientifically known why colds and flus are more prevalent in winter, it is possible a combination of an increase in viruses during cold weather and decrease in the body’s immunity. 

Around 70% of the body’s immune system is located in the gut, meaning that gut health in the winter is very important. Probiotics are friendly gut bacteria that helps to support digestion and defend against sensitivities. 


The winter can have quite a devastating effect on our entire systems, especially if we succumb to the bodies craving over the cold winter weekends. If you’re feeling out of sorts due to a decline in your diet or lifestyle collagen powder can help you get back on track. 

Collagen occurs naturally in the body and is excellent for your skin, gut, and overall energy levels. To improve your body’s condition as the snow melts and the skies clear, put a teaspoon of collagen powder in your morning tea or coffee to support the recovery of your system. 


One of the vitamins we need the sun for is vitamin D. We get this vitamin from direct sunlight, which is in short supply during the winter months. Vitamin D is responsible for healthy skin, and energy levels, without it we can feel sluggish and unproductive. Don’t forget to include a good Vitamin D Supplement in your diet this winter. It’s best to use a supplement that’s specifically for vitamin D to ensure you have enough of it in your system. A multivitamin might also be effective but it’s good to make sure you get enough.


Do you know of any other supplements to support your health in Winter?


  1. I definitely need to start taking some supplements – I definitely don’t get enough of the things I need!

  2. There are some great supplements you can take to boost your health, I hadn’t heard of many of these!

  3. I know I should take vitamins, especially Vitamin D and iron, but I’m so bad at remembering to take them. Definitely a habit I need to get more into x

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