Springing into Recycling in Wales

Springing into Recycling in Wales


Happy March! There’s something about March that makes me feel so positive and excited- and the beautiful sunshine has been making it even more so! With Global Recycling Day on 18 March too, there’s no better time to ramp up our recycling whilst having a good old Spring Clean and clear out….

Springing into Recycling in Wales

We love recycling as it something you can do everyday event whilst at home, and it makes such a difference to the environment. There’s no better feeling than having a good declutter and recycling as much as you can.

Spring cleaning

March is traditionally the time of year when lots of households start a deep clean and have a mass declutter of their homes. That’s us too!

This last year we have spent more time at home than ever before, and our house shows it! We are bursting at the seams and need a MASS clear out. There are so many more unwanted items to clear out than ever before. And believe me – WE ARE PLANNING A HUGE CLEAR OUT!! 

We are continuing our promotion with Wales Recycles and going green with our Spring Clean this year.

We are thinking about every single item before we throw it away to see if it can be recycled. 


I don’t know about you, but with so many of us in the house, we accumulate so many toiletries! Shampoo, conditioner, skincare bottles, shower gels, bath foam – so many! We’ve recently had a refurb of our bathroom and are minimising and decluttering. The plastic bottles can be rinsed out and put out for collection with our other rubbish. Aerosols and perfume bottles can be recycled too.

Springing into Recycling in Wales


We accumulate so many with gaming controls, TV remote controls, toys etc and luckily our waste recycling centre can recycle them. If you are not sure if yours does you can check Wales Recycles Recycling Locator Community recycling facilities can be found in some supermarkets too – we know Tesco has a battery bin.


Oh goodness – how many old, unwanted clothes do we have? They no longer fit, they are no longer cool, and some have just got worn out whilst being at home so much – I am thinking joggers and leggings!! They can’t be put out with your kerbside collection, but they can be taken to your recycling centre, they can be sold or taken to your local charity shop.


You can’t beat a magazine – in the days before digital editions, I loved settling down with a cuppa and good magazine. I have piles of them. I never re-read them and they take up so much space- so off they go! They can be recycled in our kerbside collection as paper too so it’s a perfect one to get Kai involved with. I love his awareness of recycling even though he is so young, and I encourage him to get involved as much as possible.

The same with books – I am a bit of a bookworm and LOVE my books, but we have hundreds, and something has to go. We have been sorting out Kai’s baby and toddler books to take to our local charity shop once they reopen.

Springing into Recycling in Wales

If you are still not recycling as much as you can, just think…

*Recycling is important because it reduces our reliance on raw materials and helps to protect the environment
*Recycling helps to save energy – we can use existing materials to make new things rather than need to extract new materials from the earth
*Recycling food waste helps to create green energy – most local authorities in Wales send their food waste to a special processing facility where it is turned into renewable energy to power homes and communities.

92% of people in Wales recycle regularly (WRAP Recycling Tracker Survey, October 2020) and Wales’s recycling rate has reached its highest ever at 65%, smashing its target of 64% in 2020. We should be super proud of our efforts and celebrate that we are one step closer to getting to number one. (Stats Wales)

With 55% of us recycling more than we were this time last year, we are improving greatly, but let’s do even more to get Wales to Number 1 in the world! (WRAP RecyclingTracker Survey October 2020 results)

We would love to hear your recycling tips and stories – please share in the comments, we can all do a little bit more!

Help us all by recycling in Wales!

Join Wales’ Mighty Mission to become number one in the world at recycling, visit bemightyrecycle.org.uk.

#BeMightyRecycle #ByddWychAilgylcha #AD


  1. Absolutely a wise and important teaching that must inspire from an early age … And it does so by inspiring all of us who read!

  2. We recycle without thinking about it now, we have separarte recycle bins outside and collect everything separately in the house to transfer to the bins.

  3. Great tips for spring cleaning with all my family members!

  4. We try to recycle as much as we can, especially whilst the children are young and growing out of toys and clothes so quickly.

  5. I love a good spring clean to get rid of some of the clutter and to pass things on to new homes. I try and sell or donate as much as I can x

  6. Happy March, indeed! It’s definitely the time we get back outside, and hopefully 2021 is when we all get back outside safely.

  7. I try to reuse a lot of the things I would normally throw out. This helps me to prevent buying new and reduce my waste.

  8. We need to do a MASSIVE spring clean especially since we’ve moved recently! We have lots of recycling bags dotted around and have started to get our food waste collected too!

  9. I do this so frequently and I feel one is on it’s way to be happening. I’m forever donating but they weren’t taking anything due to Covid

  10. We have a specific area to pop our recycling in the house before we take it out and put it in the right bins. Recycling is so important in our house.

  11. I really love the message. It’s so important that we recycle as much as possible. I haven’t done much recycling in a while but thank you for the reminder.

  12. It’s so important to recycling things, especially at the moment I feel people are sending more stuff to landfill than ever! Great post

    Laura x

  13. I have been slowly but surely working through my house and recycling various rooms, its always a fun activity in our home.
    Anosa recently posted…How to Set Financial Goals for the yearMy Profile

  14. It is amazing that once you get into the routine of recycling it just becomes second nature to you, we are having a huge clear out slowly

  15. We try to reuse things where we can and recycle everything else. It’s important to get into a routine of doing this. The kids never seem to put things away when finished so at least I can make sure things are rinsed and go into the right bin x

  16. It’s great that lots of people are already recycling in Wales but it would be positive to see us doing even more.

  17. I have always been a firm believer of recycling and now teach my children the same as they need to learn to care for their planet and future. So glad Wales is taking a lead in recycling.

  18. We try and recycle absolutely everything if we can , or give it to charity , it’s the best way isn’t it x

  19. We love recycling so much, and always make sure we do as much as we can. I love seeing that our normal bin is nearly empty come collection time and that our recycling bin is filled

  20. We recycle a lot in my home too and I try to do it every six weeks when I am doing my big declutter.
    Anosa recently posted…How To Transition Your Daily Skincare RoutineMy Profile

  21. LOVE this post!!! I like that you are thinking about actually recyling and not just throwing away items – just such a good message x

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