Update Your Bedroom in the New Year

Update Your Bedroom in the New Year


January is traditionally a long month and can be quite depressing after the excitement of Christmas. Next year looks like it will be even worse. Why not plan to update your bedroom in the New Year to cheer you up a little? We have some great ideas for you…

Update Your Bedroom in the New Year

So, your bedroom is your private space, somewhere for you to completely relax and shut the outside world, well, out! With a few tweaks, you can make your bedroom a haven of luxury in no time…

  1. Curtains. My bedroom has a lovely large window, and if yours does too it is a really quick way to instantly update your bedroom. New curtains will make a big impact. Either choose colours that compliment your bedding, or treat yourself to new bedding to match. But a couple of sets so it always looks co-ordinated.
  2. Carpet. The thought of stepping out of bed onto a deep, soft, luxurious carpet sounds amazing doesn’t it? Your bed may take up a lot of room, but how lovely to have a gorgeous carpet. Choose the best you can afford, and don’t worry about how to fit a carpet, you can get a professional to do it, saving time and a whole lot of stress!
  3. Bedding. As I mentioned, treat yourself to new bedding to match or compliment your new curtains. Add a runner or a throw in a super soft bear fabric or faux fur to instantly add a touch of luxury.
  4. Cushions. Choose a few cushions to decorate your bed – velvets or fur effect in contrasting colours look fab!
  5. Lighting. Another really easy way to update your bedroom is to change your lighting. Choose new bedside lamps to match your new theme – either traditional or contemporary or contrast your theme for a twist. If you read in bed, think about a more practical lamp. Ceiling lights can be as bold as you like, you can change to mood with different bulbs. A sprinkling of fairy lights around the headboard or mirrors can make a lovey difference too.

I hope these ideas to update your bedroom give you some inspiration to try something new next year! If you have any to add, please do let me know.

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