Hiring Tips For New Entrepreneurs


Becoming an entrepreneur is one of the biggest steps you can take in your career and one of the best feelings in the world. Finally not being shackled down by your boss or a company, you will be able to forge your own path and create a career for yourself that is fulfilling and makes you happy. …

Today we want to talk about being an entrepreneur and taking those first steps to hire a team of your own. There will come a time when working for yourself that the workload becomes high and you need a helping hand – and hiring employees to help you out is the right way to go. Here are some of our top tips for what you should do when considering hiring your first team members this year.

Consider outsourcing first 

Before you commit to hiring a new team for your small business it is important for you to consider outsourcing. Outsourcing is a wonderful way to bring new talent and capability to your business without committing to hiring a full-time employee or team. Outsourcing is a wonderful trick for smaller businesses who are struggling with a budget because you are able to bring in a certain capability such as marketing or finance without spending a whole lot more on hiring an in-house employee who will need things such as benefits and healthcare. You can simply open a contract, use the service, and then cancel when you need to. 

Hire remotely 

Before you go full on and try to rent an office space for your small business first consider the merits of hiring employees remotely. There are a few benefits to hiring employees that work from home and the first of these is that working at home employees won’t need office space and equipment. You won’t need to spend money kitting out a whole office and when you do, you will also avoid having to buy things such as tea and coffee and toilet paper. The second reason is that when hiring remotely you aren’t limited to nearby employees. This means a bigger pool for you to choose from and likely better employees for you to choose from. Don’t limit yourself to people who live close to the office – allow your search to go countrywide! 

Consider qualifications 

It is important when hiring anyone that you consider what qualifications they have. We all know that qualifications are an important part of the hiring process because you need to know whether an employee has the skills it takes to work in the role you are hiring for. Looking at qualifications allows you to assess the skill and knowledge level of an employee and this will be a huge advantage down the line. 

Allow them to demonstrate skills 

It is important for you to allow your prospective employees to demonstrate their skills before you bring them in for an interview. It is a good idea to have an initial call with an employee and then send them a task to do to see what kind of skill they have in the role. Once you have done this, it is important for you to assess their skills and see whether their practical acumen matches what they have said on their CV. It is a fact that people may lie a little on their CV and you need to watch out for this and test it. 

Meet face to face 

Meeting with an employee face to face is an important part of the hiring process because you will finally be able to see what kind of person the prospective employee really is. For example, when you meet face to face you might notice that they are friendly and open; or you may notice that they are arrogant and self-centered. Being able to assess a person at face value is important and will shape the way you see them. 

Size up their personality 

Personality is just as important as anything else when hiring an employee because at the end of the day this will be a person you spend a lot of time talking to. Be sure when in an interview that you take time to see how well you gel with the other person and consider what kind of addition they will make to your team. 

Create a work schedule that works 

Once you have hired an employee or a few employees as a small entrepreneur it is now time to think about making a work schedule for a team. If you have never made a working schedule before it is a good idea to use helpful tools, and be sure that you consider asking employees about their working time preferences.

I hope you find these Hiring Tips For New Entrepreneurs useful – let me know if you have anymore.

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