Five Staycation Destinations for 2021

Five Staycation Destinations for 2021


Holidaying in the UK has grown in popularity in recent times, as more and more of us are looking to cut back on costs, save some money, and experience everything that the Great British Isles has to offer. From Pembrokeshire to Durham, there’s certainly plenty to see and do in the country, for both adults and kids.

Five Staycation Destinations for 2021

The Great British weather might throw a spanner in the works at times, but if you do your research and plan your holiday around any potential weather warnings, then you can have a trip of a lifetime in the UK. It isn’t for everyone, of course, but if you’re keen to explore the great outdoors and immerse yourself in nature or shop till you drop in a vibrant city, then this country certainly has you covered. In fact, the options are vast; it’s ultimately about nailing down the ideal spot for you and your family.

You might, for example, be keen to take the family on an educational trip to London, exploring the history of the city and taking in some museums and galleries. Alternatively, a picturesque Cornish beach, with a cocktail in hand and a book or a game of Immortal Romance slot by Microgaming might appeal. Either way, you’ll have a treat in the many locations the UK has to offer.

To help you get some staycation inspiration, here’s a look at five of the best options in 2020.

Bath, England

Bath has been delighting its visitors for years, and it’s easy to see why. Full of history, the biggest city in Somerset has an array of independent shops worth checking out, some fantastic food on offer, and an abundance of inviting, quirky old pubs too. On top of this – and perhaps what the city is best known

for – is the Roman-built baths, which are simply a must-do if you visit the city. Thermae Bath Spa is another great option also.

Five Staycation Destinations for 2021

Jurassic Coast, England

From friendly and traditional seaside towns like Swanage to historical, picturesque locations like Lyme Regis, one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline in the world has plenty to offer the family. Stretching from Exmouth in East Devon to Studland Bay in Dorset, the Jurassic Coast has excellent beaches for the family to enjoy, an array of accommodation options (camping, anyone?), and numerous towns you can visit for the day. A popular destination for families in 2020, the Jurassic Coast is a real gem.

Snowdonia, Wales

Snowdonia has its own natural beauty which is truly unique to Snowdonia. With the highest mountain in England and Wales and the largest natural lake in Wales, there’s plenty for the family to see, do, and explore. If family hikes aren’t your thing, then there’s a train you can catch too. Ultimately, though, if you want to immerse your family in nature and create lasting memories, then try Snowdonia.

Isle of Skye, Scotland

Another location for the explorers among us, Isle of Skye is a Scottish paradise. With amazing landscapes, the option of seeing the Northern Lights, and a comprehensive selection of traditional pubs, you really can’t beat it.

York, England

The English city of York has always been a popular spot to visit and it’s entirely understandable as to why, with its medieval history, its excellent shops and restaurants, cobbled streets, and its all-around friendly vibe. The Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors are nearby, too.

Where are your favourite staycation destinations?

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