Top Places to buy Carpets Around the World

Top Places to buy Carpets Around the World


Nothing feels better than what is under your feet. A great rug can really add so much comfort and texture to the floor of your living room. Even if the rest of the furnishings remain the same, a new boldly coloured carpet can make a fashion statement and add softness underfoot as well as buffer noise in your home.

Top Places to buy Carpets Around the World


Luckily there are some amazing outlets all over the world to help you decide which unique floor covering is best for you:

Indian carpet weavers are well known across the world because of their gift of mixing both traditional and modern designs. These rugs use coarse wool which makes them more durable and withstand years of wear and tear. This makes them a wonderful option for living rooms and offices.

This country specialises in two distinct styles of rugs mainly Bokhara and Peshawar. Because of their unique design and weaving patterns in wool and cotton, Peshawar rugs look like antiques and are a great addition to any cover any floor. Bokhara rugs, with their diamond and oval designs are easy to recognise. Needless to say, both these carpets are in great demand.

Persian rugs have occupied the pride of place for centuries on the walls and floors of royal families and the super-rich. These high-quality rugs from Iran have a superior knot style, a gift handed down to the master craftsmen for generations. A handmade genuine Persian carpet takes any time from eight months to years to make and is considered to be a once in a lifetime investment.

The rich and diverse history of Turkey has resulted in the creation of unique rugs with creative patterns influenced by an eight hundred years old time-honoured tradition. Turkish rugs are handmade by women, mostly from their home, who have perfected the art over the years.

Being a premier silk-producing country, it is natural that mos Chinese carpets are made from silk. Cotton is only used for warp and this is why the pile size of a Chinese carpet is large. These carpets depict symbols of dragons and other religious figures. Due to their large bulk, they are difficult to maintain.

When referring to carpets from Turkmenistan, it covers all destinations like Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Balochistan and East Turkistan as well. These carpets are regarded by experts as the purest in weaving traditions in Central Asia. Turkmen carpets are prized for their colour, rich floral and geometric designs and high quality.

Belgium produces high-quality mats and as a result, has become one of the leading carpet exporters in the world. The country began production centuries back and has since then the industry had made rapid strides. In Belgium also, as in Turkey, the majority of the rugs are handmade, as a result, their demand in the international market is very high.

Known for their asymmetrical style, Moroccan carpets are also called Berber or Amazigh carpets. They are usually made of wool and the soft texture never fades even after years of use. From shearing the wool to washing, weaving and knots, everything is done by hand. This makes them extremely durable and comes with a hefty price tag.

The US carpet industry is centred within a radius of 65 miles of Dalton, Georgia and produces nearly 85% of the carpets sold in the local market and almost 45% of the total carpet production in the world.

Carpet designers from France have influenced individuals around the world. The European concept of carpet design differs from the Oriental concept in the explicit three-dimensional motifs and portraits in the Savonnerie carpets. Such spectacular French antique rugs can be seen in the collection made for Louis XIV and housed in the National Furnishings museum in Paris.

Carpets come in a variety of styles and colours. Due to their cushioned surface, they provide a
non-slip surface which not only adds to the warmth but absorbs noise as well. Carpets are made
from high-quality flooring products and treated with dirt-resistant treatments, making them easy
to maintain and a great asset for any room.

I hope these Top Places to buy Carpets Around the World help you choose your carpet if you are looking for one.


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