Essential Gift Ideas for Mum

Essential Gift Ideas for Mum


As mums, our lives forever change as we care for our beautiful children. Our everyday routines shift, as well as our priorities and what we find to be ‘essential. On that note, there are certain items that every one of us needs to make our lives just a little bit easier as mums. Whether we have 1 child or 4, there are somethings we all need to keep us sane!…

Essential Gift Ideas for Mum

Here are a few essential gift ideas for mum:

A stunning tote bag
A tote bag is easily one of the best handbags for mums! If it has a zipper to keep your items secure, even better! While a lot of ‘mum bags’ skimp on style and focus mostly on function, a stunning tote bag gives you both form and function. You can find beautiful handmade tote bags online from websites like for example Mirta, that will ship directly to your door. Most of the bags from Mirta are made of leather, which is better because it’ll last longer aka your kids won’t be able to destroy it!

A Dyson hairdryer
Any mum will tell you that the time that they had to get themselves ready for the day significantly decreased since having kids. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up completely on your own self-care rituals! A Dyson hairdryer (while pricy) is one of those items that cuts back on the time it takes for you to dry your hair and simply makes your hair look beautiful and blown out. Something that cuts down on drying time and still makes my hair beautiful?! Yes please.

Designer bottles to keep you hydrated sustainably
While out and about solo or with your kids, mums must stay hydrated! It may seem that mum’s have a million things to carry (because they often do), but having a designer bottle or one with a design that you simply love will help you enjoy reaching for your water and remembering to do so! Plus, it will stand out amongst all the other mummy items you have with you.

Coffee maker
For all the coffee lovers out there, having a coffee maker that can make your perfect cup of coffee for you in the mornings is your BFF. Having a coffee maker can help you save on time making your morning coffee so you can enjoy other quiet moments in your morning routine as well. Whether you opt for an espresso maker, a French press, a frother, an automatic machine, or another type of coffee maker, finding one that suits your coffee preferences is well worth the time and energy to discover!

Your signature perfume
Having a signature perfume that gives you a confidence boost and just makes you feel like ‘yourself’ when you put it on is an absolute must-have. You can have fun mixing things up with different perfumes too, but having a signature perfume that you know you will love when you put on is essential. Plus, you’ll know exactly what perfume to reach for rather than having to spend time deciding which one you like!
While so much of our focus as mums goes to our kids, every mum needs some things that make her
happy too. Of course, you want to make your kids happy, but it is so important you don’t forget about yourself!


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