7 Things Moms Should Treat Themselves To

7 Things Moms Should Treat Themselves To


No matter how many kids you have, moms lead a busy life. You’re always thinking about keeping everyone safe, entertained, fed and clothed. Add after-school programs, playdates and potentially a full-time job to the mix and you likely don’t have much time for yourself.

It’s natural to put your kids’ needs before your own, but splurging on yourself every once in a while can be the best choice you make all week. No one can give their family the love and attention they deserve if they’re exhausted or feeling out of sorts….

7 Things Moms Should Treat Themselves To

Before 2020 ends, make sure you treat yourself to something wonderful. These are the seven things moms should buy for themselves before the new year to experience improved health and happiness. Investing a few moments in yourself will help you devote the rest of your time to your family and other responsibilities.


  • 1. Adult Coloring Books


Moms with young kids know how children can lose themselves in a coloring book. With the right set of crayons and a picture of their favorite cartoon character, they love expressing their creativity and personality on paper. You’ll benefit from this same outlet with an adult coloring book, which can help you in more ways than one.

Besides giving you an engaging way to bond with your kids, you can also use the coloring book to improve your mental health. While you go crazy with markers or crayons, you participate in art therapy and begin light meditation. The sole focus releases your anxiety and increases your happiness, especially if you fill in geometric patterns like the pictures in adult coloring books.


  • 2. Edible Flower Kit


In the last few months, you might have seen friends and family posting pictures of homemade bread. Flower-laden focaccia was a crowd favorite, which you can easily make as a creative outlet even if you’re not a skilled baker.

Also known as gardenscape focaccia, anyone can make this simple recipe with a handful of edible flowers. It’s better to get a simple pre-made kit for this instead of grabbing flowers from your backyard. What you buy won’t have a history full of chemical fertilizers or anything not ultimately meant for human consumption.


  • 3. The Latest E-Reader


Tired of refreshing your Twitter feed while waiting in the school pick-up line or sitting outside your child’s dance lessons? Save a bit of money and get yourself the latest e-reader. It will easily hold a library of books and fits in most purses or backpacks. You’ll always have your next favorite novel at hand whenever you have a spare moment in your schedule.

Before you drop a few hundred dollars, check out the latest reviews to order the best e-reader for your needs. Some have touch screens so you can download your favorite apps. Others have specialized screens so people can read in direct sunlight and flip your page with the touch of a button. It all depends on your technology preferences and what you want to do with your e-reader.


  • 4. Bath Bomb Kit


You might not have time for a full bath even once a week, but you should always have a bath bomb kit on standby for those rare moments where you can relax. Find a set with your favorite scents and how each soap would benefit you. They could soften your skin, improve muscle relaxation or soothe irritations. 

Knowing that you have a kit waiting in your bathroom may encourage you to take baths more often. Even if you wake up a bit earlier to lounge in your tub, you’ll start your day off with a relaxed state of mind so you can conquer anything.


  • 5. Essential Oil Diffuser


You’ve likely seen the many virtual testimonies of people who buy an essential oil diffuser and use it regularly. Depending on which oils you get, they can improve your health and wellness. Each oil comes from a plant, so most bottles are entirely organic.

Diffusing lavender oil can improve your sleep quality, while oregano and thyme oils fight bacteria and fungus in the surrounding environment. It could prevent you from getting sick and keep your family out of the hospital, which is a major relief in a time when the world of insurance is complicated.

No one should have to worry about insurance complicating their family’s financial wellbeing, especially something as critical as life insurance. Essential oils improving your health will stop you from racking up major doctor bills, especially if you recently purchased no-exam life insurance which may have more limited coverage. Turning on a diffuser every once and a while could be a significant investment in your future health.


  • 6. Cozy Throw Blanket


Everyone deserves a cozy throw blanket to snuggle under during movie nights and nap times. You could even bring it with you during your teenager’s football games or use it as a prop in fall family photos. Find one that matches the color scheme in your living room or bedroom so it works with what you already have at home.

With the help of an extra blanket, you might also save money on the electricity bill because you don’t need to keep the heat up so high during the winter.


  • 7. Box of Chocolates


The main female character in most romance movies waits for their love interest to bring them a box of chocolates, but you don’t need to wait for anyone. Get a box with a mix of your favorite chocolates so you can grab a quick snack while you make dinner or sip on a glass of wine. You’ll always have something to look forward to, even during the busiest days. 


  • Make a Bucket List


If you’re not sure what you want, make a quick bucket list. See if any of these seven popular things show up and treat yourself before the new year starts. You’ll experience more happiness, improved health, and relaxation as your family’s schedule continues into 2021.

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