Top 5 Train Journeys In The World


There aren’t that many people who don’t enjoy a train ride and this is still the best way to see the glorious countryside as you wind your way towards your final destination. If you are an adventure traveller who would like to experience the most amazing train journeys, here is a list of the top 5 railway trips in the world.

top 5 train journeys in the world

1. The California Zephyr, USA – This train departs from Chicago and finishes in San Francisco, which is almost 4,000km, taking you through some unique natural areas including prairies, deserts and, of course, the Rocky Mountains.
The Sierra Nevada is something special and this 3-day train trip takes in the best of the West Coast of the North American Continent, then you arrive in San Francisco and can continue your holiday.

2. The Trans-Siberian Railway, Russia – Perhaps the most famous of all long train rides, you can check out the Trans-Siberian railroad map and route options to plan the perfect adventure holiday. This train departs from Moscow and travels through the very heart of Russia, and with a branch that takes you
through the steppes of Mongolia, onto Ulaanbaatar and finally ending in Beijing, you can experience 3 counties during this epic trip.
Spring or autumn are the best times to book a berth on the Trans-Siberian Railway, as the weather is not too hot or cold.

3. Lake Titicaca Railway, Peru – If you happen to be travelling in South America, you must take in this amazing ten-hour train ride that offers spectacular vistas of the stunning snow-covered peaks of the Andes, combined with the rich valleys where Llama are in abundance. There is an open-air observatory car where you can enjoy the stunning scenery while drinking your favourite drink from the bar. The journey begins in Puno and ends in the town of Cusco and this train is geared up for tourists, with a fine
dining carriage, entertainment area and of course, the bar.

top 5 train journeys in the world

4. The Caledonian Sleeper, UK – Perhaps the UK’s most known train journey, this unique train departs from Euston Station in London and ends at Fort William, in the Scottish Highlands. The 13-hour overnight journey includes fine dining, with some of the best malt whiskies to come out of Scotland, plus you wake up to a traditional English breakfast before arriving at your final destination. If you are planning a holiday in Scotland, taking this train is the best way to start your holiday, as it is a unique experience with a hint of romance and adventure.

5. The TranzAlpine Express – While this is a very short journey of 220km, it definitely is worth taking, as the train takes you from Christchurch through to Greymouth, passing through the Southern Alps. After you exit the tunnel, you are greeted with the lakes and rainforests of the west coast of the southern
island of New Zealand.

If you love trains and are looking for a special travel experience, all of the above offer stunning views of natural beauty. Remember to book your trip with an established tour operator, which will ensure that things are smooth.

Have you travelled on any of these top 5 train journeys in the world?


  1. I haven’t travelled to any of these amazing places but the views are outstanding.

  2. This would be so much fun and a holiday i would really enjoy, never travelled to these countries, but has always been a dream

  3. You’ve got me dreaming about a new adventure. I have done the Caledonian Sleeper and would love to do more journeys in other countries.

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