Baby Sleep Positioners, Bouncer Seats, and More

Baby Sleep Positioners, Bouncer Seats, and More


Babies are quite fragile and need a lot of care. You will need to invest in a lot of baby accessories including sleep positioners, bouncer seats, rockers, and baby bedding. These not only add to the baby’s comfort but also make sure they stay safe. However, they could result in injuries and incidents if not used correctly. Here are some tips for handling such items….

Baby Sleep Positioners, Bouncer Seats, and More

In case you’re wondering what it is, an infant sleep positioner is generally a mat for your baby. It has raised parts with bolsters or pillows at each side and is meant to keep an infant in a specific position, usually on their backs or sides. They are supposed to help the baby sleep better by raising their head and preventing flat spots. The wedge positioners are also supposed to avoid choking. They may seem quite a good idea, especially if the baby sleeps on an adult bed.

In reality, however, none of these benefits have actually been proved scientifically. On the contrary, there has been a lot of concern about possible health side effects, and they are even discouraged by significant children’s health organizations, including the American Academy of Pediatrics. The sleep positioner is thought to expose the baby to a higher risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

The positioner can also increase the risk of suffocation. Additionally, it has been observed that
the accessory may give the baby a false sense of security, which will make it hard for them to fall
asleep in the future without one.

Baby bouncer seats sit in a reclined position to allow them to bounce and make restricted movements.
Baby bouncers are every mum’s favorite because they can help them put the baby to sleep with less
effort. Instead of spending hours bouncing the baby in your arms, you can simply strap them
onto a bouncer seat, and they will get a similar effect that should help them go to sleep. This way,
mum can watch over the baby while doing something else.

Bouncer seats are also attributed to strengthening and stretching the baby’s legs to prepare them
for crawling and walking. They hold them in place and allow them to move in a restricted space.
They also help the baby gain a sense of balance without the risk of falling and hurting
themselves. This encourages the development of motor skills. If you add some toys to your bouncer, your baby will be pretty entertained, and educational toys will help with their brain development.
On the con side, baby bouncers can be quite harmful when misused. There have been cases of
severe injuries, fractures, and even deaths. Here are some of the safety tips you need to keep in
mind when using one:

Place the bouncer seat on steady and strong ground. This makes sure that the baby does not lose balance, topple off, and fall.
*Do not place it on a raised surface or countertop. The baby could sustain severe injuries if they fall from such heights.
*Always remember to strap the baby in using the safety straps that come with the seat. This helps restrain them if they lose balance.
*Do not place the bouncer on a sofa, mattress, or any other soft surface. This reduces the risk of suffocation in case the baby falls.
*Do not leave the baby alone. Always stay close and watch them in case anything happens.
*Do not place the baby in a bouncer if they exceed its weight limit. It could snap or break and hurt them.

Most parents who don’t get sleep positioners opt for cot bumpers. A cot bumper is a cushioning
or cotton bumper placed inside the cot on the sides. They are meant to prevent the baby from sliding their limbs into the cot slats or bumping their head on the wood. They are particularly mainlydesirable for babies who move a lot, especially in their sleep.

Over time, however, they have also received a lot of criticism from both parents and experts.
This is mainly because they may be a safety hazard to babies. They pose a risk of suffocation, in that a baby may easily turn and bury their face into it.
A study was conducted in 2007 and concluded that they are indeed unsafe for babies. Despite their cute and decorative appeal, 27 infant deaths were associated with them either because the babies suffocated or were choked by the bumper ties.

It was also reported that even though they reduced the impact of the baby hitting their head against the wood, they still sustained minor bruises. They also don’t necessarily prevent fractures and broken bones that may be caused when the baby’s limbs are caught in the slats. The general conclusion was that they are a safety hazard and should never be used. They were further discouraged by the pediatrics in 2011.

So, you need to be very careful when purchasing any accessories for your baby. It is important to read extensively and research your options. Most of the baby accessories that are marketed under the promise of comfort and convenience may actually be putting your baby’s life in danger. Some of them expose them to the risk of suffocation or strangulation. If you are not sure, consult with your GP or health expert for the best advice.

When considering safety for Baby Sleep Positioners, Bouncer Seats, and More, remember to be aware of similar risks with baby bedding too.


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