Tips for a Stress Free Christmas

Tips for a Stress Free Christmas


Christmas – The most wonderful time of the year! But boy, it can stressful too! Trying to get everyone the perfect present, make the best cake, produce a restaurant standard Christmas Dinner, etc, etc …

Tips for a Stress Free Christmas

Well STOP! I have some top tips for a stress-free Christmas:

  1. Let go of expectations. Go with the flow and what will be, will be!
  2. Be in the moment. Frantically running around grabbing last-minute gifts or supplies? Stop. Take a moment, count to ten or go and have a coffee. Soak up the moment. The smells, music, decorations, just be in the moment.
  3. Relax –
  4. Get a good night’s sleep. Declutter your bedroom, dim the lights and make sure you have a comfy mattress. If need be, treat yourself to one of the mattresses from Bed Guru. Buy some snuggly winter bedding and sleep away!
  5. Delegate! Give out some of the household chores and ‘jobs’ to be done to the rest of the family. Little ones can help with the decorations, older ones can help with baking and teens can vacuum and help write cards and wrap presents.
  6. Remove the pressure. You can’t order the perfect Christmas or book happiness, so just accept that Christmas is what it is. It will come and go, and all you can do is make the best of it that you can.
  7. Give thanks. For whoever you are spending Christmas with. Family, friends, pets – some people are truly all alone, and some won’t even be in their own home.
  8. If you have older children, why not go along to your local homeless shelter to help out over the Christmas break? It will be a wonderful thing to do together and remind everyone just how blessed you are.
  9. Remember quality over quantity. You can’t fit in dozens of Santa visits, or pantomimes or winter wonderlands so choose less and really enjoy them.
  10. You don’t have to spend a fortune on pre-Christmas treats. Snuggle up and watch a Christmas movie together with mulled wine for the grown-ups and luxury hot chocolate for the children. Make cards together or handprint wrapping paper.

I do hope these tips for a stress-free Christmas help – and whatever your plans, Pickle and I wish you a very Merry Christmas!


  1. Merry Christmas!

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