Top Must Do Things in London

Top Must Do Things in London

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London is one of the most visited cities anywhere in the world, and with good reason. It is known for having a rich history, a vibrant multicultural populace, a heady and varied nightlife with some of the most prominent and encouraging musical acts in the world, and so many chances to eat amazing food that you will hardly need to go anywhere else. In many tourist books of Europe, it is often cited as the number one place to go. You may have been many times before, but there is so much to do there that it’s impossible to do it all in one trip. Here are some of the essentials that you should aim to do at some point, to feel that you have really had the London experience

Top Must Do Things in London

Take In A West End Show

London’s West End is one of the world’s most historic and most famous theatre districts, ranking perfectly alongside New York’s Broadway. In fact, it is not just a place for theatre, as there are art galleries, museums and restaurants there too – but its theatres are certainly one of the primary selling points. If you have never been to see a West End show, that absolutely has to go near the top of your list. Finding affordable West End tickets is not too much of a hassle these days, and there is such a variety in the kinds of performances you can see that you are bound to find something to your taste.

Visit Madame Tussauds

Marie Tussaud created her first wax sculpture in 1777 of Voltaire. In 1845, she opened up the shop and display of wax sculptures that would later become known as Madame Tussauds. This is now a franchise that has spread to many other major cities around the world, but if you want to see the original and best, you have to go to London. It is still one of the top tourist attractions, and you have to visit to really appreciate fully its magnificence.

Top Must Do Things in London

Ride The London Eye

Opened in 2000 to mark the new millennium, the London Eye is one of the world’s most prominent ferris wheels, and now an important aspect to the city’s landscape. Situated right on the South Bank of the Thames, it is easy to get to, and sits right in the heart of the city, so the views from the top are truly amazing. The ride only takes about half an hour, but in that time you will see over the rooftops of the entire city and beyond – and get to witness the truly breathtaking scale of the city of London and surrounding areas.

Walk The Natural History Museum

One of London’s greater charms is the fact that almost all of the major museums are free to enter. If you are keen on doing a museum run, then the first choice has to be the Natural History Museum. This amazing building is home to discoveries by Darwin, among others, and features a world-famous display on the dinosaurs – a great one for the kids.

Have you done any of these Top Must Do Things in London?


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  1. Enjoyed this article. Have made notes for our next visit. Thanks!

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