How to Have a Great Family Breakfast

How to Have a Great Family Breakfast


Family time is really important to us, and there is no better way to start the day than by enjoying breakfast together. Here are our top tips on how to have a great family breakfast….

How to Have a Great Family Breakfast

Admittedly school mornings are a little hectic here with Pickle’s school run and getting Luke to the bus for college. Even more reason to enjoy weekend breakfasts together, and the days we are all up and about early! It is important to have a balanced breakfast and a healthy dose of family time, so here are our tips:

  1. Breakfast is super important to start the day, and it’s easy to have a healthy start AND a little treat by mixing one heaped teaspoon of Nutella, which is 15g (80kcal) with your favourite breakfast.
  2. Try it on wholemeal toast, bagels, muffins or crumpets or on top of sugar-free yogurt or fromage frais, with a portion of mixed berries – yum!
  3. Nutella can play a part in a balanced breakfast if you are aware of portion size. Try dipping strawberries in a heaped teaspoon (15g /80cal) to get one of your five a day, or a banana.
  4. Make time to talk to each other, even just 15 minutes is enough to make the whole family feel more positive about the day ahead. Nutella’s formula for a Happy Portion of family time, developed by psychologist Linda Blair, gives parents a guide to family bonding and talking at breakfast with their children.
  5. Research undertaken by Nutella has shown that even just 15 minutes together over breakfast can increase happiness for the day ahead by 57%, while 79% of children say having a family breakfast makes them feel happier about the day ahead.
  6. Make the time to sit at the table or breakfast bar, it will encourage everyone to connect with each other rather than dashing around.
  7. Ban phones, tablets, etc from breakfast to limit distractions and interact with each other. Ask questions, talk to each other! Find out about everyone’s day ahead.
  8. Use this special time to make weekend plans together – find out what everyone would like to do and plan together.

How to Have a Great Family Breakfast

Yes, breakfast is a hectic time but it is also a great time to build family connections and communication if you just find 15 minutes a day! You can find some other great tips over on the Nutella website.

What is your breakfast routine like?

This post is in collaboration with Nutella, I have received compensation for working with them on this #nutellaHappyPortion campaign.

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