A Guide to Adding Decoration to Your Garden

A Guide to Adding Decoration to Your Garden


Many people want to experiment a bit further with how they furnish their garden. After all, plenty of
us enjoy giving our home a bit of a makeover and replacing old furniture with new, more contemporary designs. Your garden can be treated exactly the same way; it’s just a matter of planning out what you want to achieve from the end result…

A Guide to Adding Decoration to Your Garden

Water Features

Depending on how big your garden is, you could start to get really creative with how you use bodies of water. You can add cascading waterfalls, large ponds and maybe even a small lake if you have the space to do so. Adding stone and plant features will help create a visual masterpiece around your water feature. It doesn’t matter how big or small; you will find all the management tools you need online from websites such as Water-garden.co.uk. If you have the space to do so, you could even add a floating fountain.


The type of sculptures you opt for will immediately speak volumes for the type of personality you are looking to add to your garden. For instance, if you opted for a laughing buddha or a peaceful stacked pebble ornament, it would suggest that you want your garden to be peaceful and calm.
Whereas cherubs and renaissance goddesses will indicate a much more regal and elaborate style.
The material you choose will also add a sense of quality and style in its own right. Marble would be perfect for that renaissance look, whereas smooth stones and granites would be ideal for an Asian-themed garden.

Sculptures don’t even have to be objects that you purchase. Choosing a theme for your garden could allow you to get extra creative with what you make. For example, if you want your garden to be a place for reading, you could create the illusion of a bookcase by painting bricks to look like bookends. It’s quirky, cute and is something unique to only your garden.

Choose paving that coordinates with wildlife

You may have considered matching your furniture to your paving, but had you considered matching your blooms to your paving? Finding flowers that provide some colour wheel matching with the colour of your paving slabs could create a look that appears to be expertly-selected. Pairing white flowers with slate grey or black slabs could look incredibly striking. Purples and reds will also provide some bold contrast. It doesn’t have to be paving, either. Warm yellows would work seamlessly with golden and brown wood tones of your decking.

Choosing your garden decorations should not only come down to your personal taste but some creative thinking. Treating flowers and shrubs in the same way you would choose furniture allows you to think more about colour and where to match particularly features. Your bookcase full of mock-book-ends could be paired with some bright pansies or roses, for example. Your interior decorator abilities shouldn’t just be confined to the home.

Have you tried adding decoration to your garden? Please share your ideas, I’d love to read them…

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