Top Tips to Give Up Smoking

Top Tips to Give Up Smoking


You have decided to quit smoking… Congratulations! This decision may well save your life, and will certainly improve your overall health. Quitting an addictive substance is a little daunting – it’s as much a battle with yourself as it is with nicotine addiction. But it’s not as hard as you think…

Top Tips to Give Up Smoking

You can do it. You will do it. And here are a few useful tips to bear in mind on your road to a smoke-free life:

  1. There is never a ‘perfect’ time to Quit, but some moments are better than others. Pick a date in the near future which likely be low-stress. 
  2. If you have a big test or deadline at work coming up, or are about to move house, maybe wait until you’re routine is back to normal. Identify your smoking triggers and do your best to clear them around your Quit Date. 
  3. Once you have set your date, STICK TO IT. Mark it on the calendar. Tell your friends and family. And most importantly – get excited about it! From this date on, you are going to feel healthier, will save money, have more energy, and enjoy a longer life.
  4. Plan something to look forward to. The first couple of weeks tend to be the hardest, but if you have a plan to get you through, they will fly by quicker than you think.
  5. Keep a Quit Diary each day, and take a moment to congratulate yourself for the progress you are making. Consider a quitting app such as MyQuit Coach or QuitNow! 
  6. Check out this great timeline explaining the way your body is repairing itself, as the toxic chemicals clear out. 
  7. Keep a note of when your strongest cravings occur. When possible, avoid the situations that cause them for the next few weeks.


Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) can double your chances of success. One of the most popular cigarette replacements is vaping.

Whilst vaping does carry a health risk, it is a lot less harmful to you than smoking. It’s also a lot cheaper and does not smell bad or stain your teeth and clothing. 

Vape liquids come with varying quantities of nicotine, so you can start on a dose equivalent to that you were ingesting with cigarettes, then slowly work your way down to zero nicotine before quitting completely. With a box mod, you can feel like you’re smoking but do away with stale poisonous smoke in favour of sweet-smelling, low-nicotine vapour.

Others find that a new exercise routine like running, walking or swimming, can really aid with their Quit Plan. A cigarette craving does not last long, and doing something to occupy your mind and body will help it pass with little consequence. 


You do NOT have to make permanent changes to the way you live your life in order to quit smoking. The only permanent change will be better health, more money, and a more palatable fragrance!

However, during the first few months of your Quit, there are a few things it is worth avoiding where possible.

First and foremost, watch your alcohol intake. With alcohol comes lower inhibitions and lower self-control. It is also a common part of the smoking routine, and where there are drinkers there will probably be other smokers too.

Do you have a certain friend or colleague that you smoke with often? Tell them about your plans to quit in advance and find another activity you can do together – like going for coffee or for a stroll around the block. Better yet, suggest they Quit with you. But whilst they are smoking, you’ve got to be somewhere else! 

And there we have it! Use these top tips and any other wisdom you can gather before your Quit Date to make a plan, and enjoy a smoke-free future.

Have you ever smoked and given up? Have you any tips to give up smoking?

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