Tips To Help Keep Away A Winter Bug

Tips To Help Keep Away A Winter Bug


With the cold weather well and truly on its way, it can only mean one thing. The winter bug. Yes, it’s a time where many of us will fall sick with the flu or a common cold, and once it gets one member of the household, the rest are likely to follow. Here are some tips to keep away a winter bug…

Tips To Help Keep Away A Winter Bug

Wash Hands Before Eating

Germs and bacteria are one thing that can spread like wildfire, and if you come into contact with those from someone who’s ill and that makes contact with your mouth, it’s game over! So to help avoid any chances of spending a few days laid up in bed and surrounded by tissues, wash your hands. Always ensure you’ve washed your hands before prepping meals, especially if you’ve been commuting on public transport to get home. Wash hands before you eat too because when you’re putting your hands near your mouth, you don’t want them to be carrying any bad germs or bacteria.

Always Carry A Hand Sanitizer

On the subject of clean hands, hand sanitizer should be a staple in everyone’s bags, whether it’s the kids at school or you and your partner. Hand sanitizers can be a lifesaver when you don’t have immediate access to water and soap to wash your hands. Ensure that you are always carrying one around with you and that way you can immediately disinfect your hands. If you don’t particularly like the harsh smell of the alcohol, then there’s plenty of scented ones available.

Don’t Sacrifice Your Sleep

Just like quality CBD oil can be good for looking after your skincare and health, sleeping is important too. With a good night’s rest, your skin glows, you have ample energy to get through the day, and more importantly, you’ve let your body repair. Sleep helps the body to recover from the day and allowing your body to repair overnight is essential to stop falling ill. If your body is not fully functioning, then this does put your body at risk of catching an infection or illness.

Eat Plenty Of Fruit And Veggies

What you’re eating and drinking is the main contribution to staying fit and healthy. As a precaution, the less alcohol you drink, the better because it acts as a poison on your body which can weaken the immune system as a result. Temporarily enough that you end up catching a bug! The same goes for food and that if you’re not eating enough good stuff, then the bad foods are going to make you more likely of being ill. So, try to bring more fruit and vegetables into your diet and aim for at least five of them per day. Your body needs to have the nutrients and minerals needed to function properly and to fight off the bad anti-bodies that cause you to be sick.

Neither you or your household wants to spend their time sick and laid up in bed. Follow these tips to avoid that nasty common cold or flu.

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