Top Family Attractions in London

Top Family Attractions in London


Any city break can be a daunting prospect with children in tow, but London is uniquely equipped to
handle the wants and needs of all ages. For one thing, the transportation system is truly remarkable and makes navigating the city a breeze compared to other similarly sized metropolitan city centres across the globe…

Top Family Attractions in London

There are also a wealth of family-friendly activities to explore, several of which we’ll be exploring
in greater detail below in order to give you and your family some idea about how best to utilise
your time in the UK’s capital:

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – If you and your family are one of the millions that have
been captiured by the Harry Potter books and films then just a short train or car journey outside of
London in the town of Watford, you’ll find the holy grail of all things Potter. The studio lot where
much of the movie magic happened on the 8 films that made up the series has been repurposed as a
studio tour and theme park that uses real props and locations from the films to tell the magical story
of how the little boy who lived under the stairs became a pop culture icon.

London Zoo – If your children are passionate about animals then London Zoo is a day-out you really can’t afford to miss. Not only is it centrally located and easy to access but it’s also constantly expanding, with newer attractions like the spectacular indoor rainforest being added almost every year. There’s also a wonderful history to the zoo and there is a great London Zoo discount for regular visitors (you’re unlikely to see everything in just one visit).

Legoland Windsor – For younger children who might have yet to read Harry Potter and might find
giraffes and hippos a little daunting, Legoland is an ideal alternative. As you would expect, everything here is made from lego (even the roller coasters) and the effect is truly spellbinding for the children currently leaving their lego pieces all over the living room and their parents who no doubt did the same many years ago.

Tower Of London – Finally, London is a city absolutely steeped in history and whilst there are hundreds of potential historical sights to take in, for our money the one that will most impress the young’ uns is the Tower of London. Not only will they get to see in the flesh what they’ve been learning about in school (Henry VIII’s gigantic suit of armour and the crown jewels are particular highlights) but there are always special exhibitions to look forward to as well. Perhaps the archetypal London family day out and one that all families should enjoy at least once.

Have you visited any of these family attractions in London?

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