Tips for starting a family blog

Tips for Starting a Family Blog


I have been blogging for over five years, I find it a wonderful escape from the stresses of everyday life, a can be a great way to make some extra money and I have been sent some amazing things to review. A family blog gives me the opportunity to share the stories of the people I love most with the world. You can share all kinds: funny stories, travel, achievements, lessons learned, and more…


Tips for starting a family blog

However, there are a few things you should know before starting your own family blog:

Get on the Same Page as Your Loved Ones

You don’t want to embarrass anyone or make them uncomfortable, so it’s best if you get on the same page as your loved ones, especially teens and non-family members. Make sure they’re all ok with featuring on your blog, and you can even run posts past them before you publish. You don’t want your blog to cause any arguments. You want it to be a source of joy for the whole family! 

Take Privacy Concerns Seriously

Taking privacy concerns seriously is essential for family bloggers. Most family bloggers will not share the names of their loved ones in order to keep their identities and other important information safe, for example. 

You should also keep the location general. Talk about the city you live in, or by, but don’t give away the exact place you live in. Make sure people don’t know where you are in real time – this could put you or your home in danger. If people know you’re on vacation and they know where you live, that could cause all kinds of trouble. If your blog grows to be very successful and you share where you are in real time, you might have people come and find you. This can be very alarming.

Some bloggers like to use a virtual mail address for their company so that it looks more professional when brands enquire about working with them and so they can keep their true address to themselves. This is a great way to protect your family before you start a blog. 

How to Take Better Pictures

One of the best things about starting a family blog is the amazing pictures you get to take of your family and share. It’s a good idea to practice taking better pictures. Pictures are a huge part of a blog and you need to share the best photos possible to enhance your blog. You can still take great pictures with an iPhone, but you have to know at least the basics of what makes a good picture. I use my iPhone 99% of the time with great results.

Add Your Own Unique Voice to Popular Posts 

There are all kinds of posts already out there from other families. It would probably be impossible for you to have a blog full of 100% unique posts however, you should still try to add your own unique voice to popular posts. Writing as yourself, from your viewpoint is what makes your blog unique. How can you show off your family’s personality? 

Have you ever thought of starting a family blog?

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