Top Tips to Sending Birth Announcement Cards

Top Tips to Sending Birth Announcement Cards


Sending out a birth announcement is an important part of making friends and family aware of the new arrival, and it is very easy to overlook something important. With so many other things to consider, here is a checklist of things that should be contained in the announcement….

Top Tips to Sending Birth Announcement Cards

1. The baby’s information – Typically, the weight, gender, and name of the baby would be included in the announcement, along with the parents’ names. If you are a forward-thinking person and have already created social media accounts for junior, these can be added! How modern is that? A photo of the baby is an optional thing, and many new parents would prefer for their guests to see the baby in the flesh!

2. Send off the invitations early – Obviously, there will be many recipients, and you should allow at least 14 days if you are inviting family and friends to a celebration. This will ensure that everyone has time to rearrange their busy schedules to attend.

3. The design and wording – Rather than spending hour after hour trying to create your own birth announcement, and whether you are needing girl or boy birth announcement cards there are online companies who design and print customised birth announcement cards for a very reasonable price. You
get to choose the paper, the design, and font, along with your own text, and by ordering the exact amount, you can be sure that no one is left out.

4. Don’t overdo it with text – of course people want to receive the welcoming news, but too much text isn’t necessary, and a simple, yet effective card design, is all your friends and family need. There is also a great blog on birth announcement etiquette, which is recommended reading for all new

5. The welcome baby party details – If you are having a party, then the date, time and location should be included in the invitation, and if some of the guests are unfamiliar with the area, a map would be most useful. You might want to ensure that there is adequate parking, and this information could be added to the card, which would help your guests when they arrive.

The best way to go about getting the announcement is to source an online printer who will help you through every stage of the project, and once you have approved the final layout, the cards will be printed and mailed to your home address. Their website would be easy to navigate, and after a few minutes, your design will be ready, and once the final version has been approved, the cards can be printed and mailed to your home address, and in good time to give the recipients time to arrange to be free on that day.

Announcing the arrival of a new family member is always a joyous occasion, and by using an online designer and printer of birth announcement cards, all the hard work is done by the professionals.

Have you any tips to add when thinking about sending birth announcement cards?

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