Save Money on Your Travels

How to Save Money on Your Travels in 2019

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July is always top of the list in polls asking people what is their favourite month of the year. And why wouldn’t it be with the best warm weather, school holidays on the horizon and long warm lazy days, which can be much better spent in a beer garden or poolside than by your desk?…..

Save Money on Your Travels

While we are experiencing sunny weather at the moment, if you want to be guaranteed good weather for the whole of July, your best option is to go abroad this time of year. To help you not break the bank, we will look at how you can save money on your travels in 2019, including savings on flights, getting freebies and how to withdraw money for free while abroad.

How to Save Money on Flights

Joining a flight club is a great way to save money on your travels in 2019. Flight clubs consist of a community of people helping you to get a flight for less. Whether you want to make memories with friends and family this summer holiday or simply book a city break to allow you some ‘me time’, flight clubs can help you get there for less.

Joining these flight clubs are as easy as submitting your email address to start receiving some of the cheapest flights on the internet. They will then send you email alerts with some of the cheapest flight prices around, including hidden offers discounts and even error fares.

One of our favourite flight clubs is Jack’s Flight Club, which says it can save its members around £400 a year on flight tickets. Joining the club is free and standard members receive one or two of their impressively cheap flight deals each week. However, they also have a paid Premium Membership which gives access to all their deals, which is around four times as many as you get with a standard membership.  

How to Save Money by Getting Travel Freebies

There several websites dedicated to getting travel freebies such as WOW Freebies. While this website has many different sections that can get you discounts, we especially like their travel freebies section which you can regularly check to see what’s available.

Their travel freebies range from items such as free catalogues and discounted memberships and also include nifty items as claiming your own free fleece travel slippers. And if you don’t have time to check out the website, you can simply sign up with your email address to get the latest freebies delivered straight to your inbox.

If you’re a student, Wow Freebies also have a special section which will definitely help you get bang for your buck on your travels this year. They have information on how to save money with a student card and how to get rail discount, as well as even saving money on your holiday snaps.

How to Save Money on your Spending Money Abroad

If you’ve ever returned from holidays abroad only to see massive charges on your bank statement, you are not alone. Many high street banks will charge you when you spend or withdraw money abroad.  You can, however, withdraw cash abroad for free by simply opening an account by one of the revolutionary new banks, such as Revolut bank.

Revolut has over five million users because of the nifty ways it helps you to save money at home or when on your travels abroad. You can open the account directly from your phone and they will help you set up budgets and save some spare change. They also give you a certain amount of free international ATM withdrawals per month, which comes in very handy when enjoying your holidays. I have a Revolut card and have used it many times when visiting France and Italy.

Have you any other tips on how to save money on your travels?

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