Tips For Improving Your Family Photography

Tips For Improving Your Family Photography


Are you fed up of trying to get everyone together for a family photo and being greeted with grumpy
expressions? Do you feel like every family photo you take ends up being either blurry, bad quality or has someone missing?

Tips For Improving Your Family Photography

As a parent, we can probably all relate to this. There’s no need to worry though, family photos are still priceless, no matter how chaotic they might appear.

I have some top tips for avoiding bad photos and becoming a pro at your ad-hoc family photography:

1. Don’t make it staged.

When your family are out and about or together around your home, whilst it is important to get
everyone in the shot, don’t make your photos too staged. The best photo memories come out of
spontaneous moments and silly faces, rather than the usual ‘stand in formation’ type.
Sometimes, of course, it might take some degree of organisation to get your whole family in one
picture. However, aim to let your family photography capture everyone’s individual character, rather
than asking for the typical cheesy expressions. If your child wants to pout or frown in defiance, let
them! Photos like this make for some funny memories to look back on.

2. Master your lighting.

When it comes to lighting, you don’t need any special equipment to capture people’s best angles. Try
to use natural light to your advantage with family photography. If it’s a sunny day, use the sunlight to
light up everyone’s faces – but not too much to blow them out. If it’s dark or shadowy, using flash can be just as effective.
If your family hasn’t been for a studio photoshoot for a while or has never been, it’s a foolproof way to
capture some truly magical family photos. Nousha offer timeless black and white family portrait
photography at their studio in London. Their family photography aim is for all families and children to
simply enjoy themselves in the studio, by doing this, the photos always reflect the personality of each
individual. Quite often, family photoshoots can seem daunting through not knowing what to expect,
but experienced photographers like those at Nousha should have you and your children feeling
comfortable in no time.

3. Get everyone involved.

Never be afraid to ask a stranger to take a photograph of your family while you’re out and about. Or,
set a timer so everyone has time to get in the shot. Mums and dads are probably all guilty of hiding
behind the lens to take pictures of everybody else, but never having any memories of themselves to
look back on. Don’t fall into this trap!
Of course, not everyone will want to be on camera, but you will thank yourself in the future for
capturing moments when all the family has got together.

4. Capture the good, the bad and the ugly.

As tempting as it is to only take photos when everyone is in good spirits, the chances are that this
doesn’t happen very often! Try to take photos as much as you can, even if one of the kids is refusing
to smile or has just had a tantrum, it is still a memory that you and your children can look back on.
As well as not being afraid to photograph all the funny moods and emotions of your children, family
photography is all about having memories. So, make sure you have evidence of all the different and
silly phases that you/your children go through in life. If you don’t have any photos of the
grumpy/crazy/loud/strange phases your children go through, you won’t have anything to embarrass
them with as they get older!

Hopefully, these pieces of advice have given you an idea of how to tackle family photography, there
really isn’t much to it. The funnier and more reflective of your family’s unique character, the better!

Do you have any tips for improving your Family Photography to share?


  1. Thanks – my photography skills leave a lot of room for improvement – always happy with advice !

  2. Hello,

    I really needed these tips as i have very worst photography
    Thank you for sharing this amazing article.

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