Family Travel Guide to Mykonos

Family Travel Guide to Mykonos

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Mykonos makes for a wonderful family destination despite its reputation for a flamboyant nightlife. There is plenty to do and see here for the whole family with family friendly beaches all over the island and plenty of great spots for the children. It is no wonder Mykonos has become one of the all-time favourite
family destinations…

Family Travel Guide to Mykonos

A lot depends on how you plan your holiday, what you do and where you stay. Most families look at one of the luxury Mykonos villas for rent, you can choose from a handpicked premium villa with latest amenities such as a  private pool, beach access and spacious family rooms.
I have a brief guide for all those planning to travel to Mykonos with children:

Best time to go to Mykonos
Although Mykonos enjoys a year-round flow of tourists, the right time to visit Mykonos with your family is during the winter when there are less crowds and larger discount offers on hotels and activities. Avoid the beach party time and high season during July and August when the  Greek island is packed with tourists, and the beaches are jam packed. Visiting during the winter when the you can enjoy a peaceful holiday with your family.

How to reach Mykonos
Mykonos is easily accessible and can be reached by boat or by plane from Athens within hours.
There are plenty of direct flights to Mykonos from several cities across the world. If you are coming from another island, you will need to take a ferry to reach Mykonos.

How many days in Mykonos
Just a couple of days are enough to explore and enjoy Mykonos with your family. There is plenty
of time to cover the island, and its attractions as Mykonos is a tiny island. Obviously a lot depends on how much you want to see.

Getting around in Mykonos
When travelling with children, it is best to rent a car, grab a taxi, or an ATV for more convenience and
flexibility. Traveling can be cumbersome on public transport during busy times.

Family Travel Guide to Mykonos

What to do and see in Mykonos
Holidays are indeed a lot more fun with kids, and there is plenty to see and do in Mykonos.
*Explore the Mykonos Town and wander through the narrow alleys whilst window shopping.
* Enroll in family cooking classes to learn all about Greek cuisine. This is a great way to spend quality time together and create tasty traditional dishes.
*Spend time on the beaches, some of the most popular are Agrari Beach, Panormos Beach, and Pinky Beach. These are child-friendly beaches with calm waters and playgrounds on long stretches of sand.
* Take a hiking adventure to discover the landscape in Mykonos. It is a great way to get to know the local people and the island.
*Take your children to the Aegean Maritime Museum if they are interested in ships. Enjoy the experience of looking at ancient vessels and nautical instruments.
*Explore the fantastic little area knowns as Little Venice with your camera handy as there is plenty to see and capture.
*Take your kids to the super kart place in the middle of the island and enjoy karting on fun tracks on the hill.
*See one of the most recognised landmarks of Mykonos, the row of picturesque windmills located in the western part of the town. Those windmills are a reminder of the wheat and bread industry that once thrived on the island.
*Explore the underwater world with your family, thanks to the Kalafati Dive Centre that offers classes and equipment for children at its famous diving hotspots. Enjoy watching the underwater marine life and spot octopus, sea turtles, lobsters, and barracuda.
*Go horse riding along the coast and discover the island in a whole new way on horseback.
*Visit the Rarity Gallery and browse the beautiful and unique collections of art pieces displayed in the gallery. You may find a few interesting pieces for your collection!
*Another interesting activity for the family is to make a trip to the Armenistis Lighthouse. From here, you can enjoy some great views of the sea and island. You can either walk or drive to the Lighthouse.

Where to eat in Mykonos
There are endless options for families when it comes to food. It is recommended to check out the
menu and the prices before sitting down, as some places can be expensive. D’Angelo
is an excellent place to enjoy Italian food while Souvlaki Story is alsohighly recommended. Trio Bambini is favourite among families because of their gelatos and creperie. There are plenty of charming little
tavernas and restaurants like the Mathios Taverna and Katrin’s that serve Greek and French cuisine near the beaches too.

Family Travel Guide to Mykonos

Where to shop in Mykonos
Mykonos is a wonderland for any shopaholic as there are tons and tons of trendy stores and
boutiques selling a huge range of items and merchandise. Shopping here is an adventure and experience as you walk on the cobblestone paved streets filled with clothing boutiques and shops in Chora. Matoyanni Street is well known for fashionable and high-end shopping.


Random tips when traveling with kids
Make a well-planned itinerary when you holiday with kids and make sure they are well rested
and get a good amount of sleep. Plan your day and night activities accordingly, or you will have
cranky, tired children who refuse to listen to you. Always wear comfortable clothes and carry water with you. Sunscreen, sunglasses and hats are a must as Mykonos can be very hot. Buy a reasonable travel insurance pack for the whole family and when eating out eat cheaply as children often tend to waste a lot of food. Order the smallest size dish and let them finish it before you order more.

I hope you find my Family Travel Guide to Mykonos useful – are you planning a visit?

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  1. We have been looking at going to Greece in late September for our family honeymoon, I will have to check Mykonos out x

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