Family Budgeting with Barron Advisors

Family Budgeting with Barron Advisors


It is tricky budgeting when you have a family – even more so if you are a single parent as I am. There is a never ending stream of demands on your money, no matter how hard you try to cut down…

Family Budgeting with Barron Advisors

Need some tips?

I have some great tips to share with you that might help you save some money, as they have helped me:

  1. School uniforms. They cost SO much! Pickles school has a permanent preloved school uniform ‘shop’ with many hardly worn jumpers, trousers etc even coats and school bags.
  2. Shoes and trainers. Sports Direct have top quality brands at really low prices, I have had some absolute bargains including ones for my fussy teens! Outlet shops are also great – Clarks have several and you can save £££’s.
  3. With the Summer holidays around the corner it can be a real headache to plan activities and days out on a budget. Look out for offers and discounts in your local press for attractions near you as well as searching online. It is usually cheaper to book ahead online rather than at the entrance. Annual passes can also be a great buy.
  4. Take a picnic on your days out, food in attraction cafes costs a small fortune and is generally not that great (in our experience!).
  5. Refurbishing your home? Check your local Facebook selling groups and charity shops for furniture – many offer delivery too. I had a perfect, as new double bed frame for my teen son for £20 and a solid wooden wardrobe also for £20.
  6. Shop around for your groceries. It really can save you so much money. ‘Savers’ are brilliant for toiletries and Aldi’s own Lacura range are excellent quality at a really low price. We love their shampoo and conditioner and I love their Q10 moisturiser.
  7. Supermarket loyalty schemes can save you a fortune. I use Tesco Clubcard vouchers for free railcards, entry to attractions such as Legoland Windsor, and even our Eurotunnel ticket. You can also just use them to buy groceries in store.
  8. Shop little and often. I used to try and do a weekly ‘big’ shop and buy in bulk. But with a busy home and teens in and out socialising and working, planning meals became a nightmare. I was wasting so much food. I now plan less and keep my freezer full of veg, and cupboard full of staples such as pasta, baked beans etc to save waste.

How can Barron Advisors help?

If you do have large debts and are worried about them, it is important you seek help sooner rather than later as there is a lot of support out there from payment plans to debt consolidation options to practical advice and counselling. Debt consolidation can be a suitable option, but make sure you fully research the options and commitments.

Free Support

If you are struggling, here are some free support resources that can help you. The first, biggest step is acknowledging that you do have a problem and want to address it. Surround yourself with as much support from family as you can too.

National Debt Advice  With loads of free advice and debt calculators they can help you find the right solution for you.

Stepchange a great debt help charity with tons of advice and help.

Citizens Advice a great online debt help resource, as well as local centres with advisors  you can book an appointment with, if you prefer face to face help.

I hope these family budgeting tips help you, it is always tricky juggling your finances – let me know your tips below…

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