Centerparcs Longleat Summer 2019

Centerparcs Longleat Summer 2019


It has been almost five years since we last visited Centerparcs Longleat and we are absolutely loving being back. We have only ever visited in December during the Winter Wonderland, but have stayed eight times. We have noticed some changes and thought we would share them with you….

Centerparcs Longleat Summer 2019

  1. There is good WiFi throughout the park and in the villas, much to the whole family’s delight!
  2. The wonderfully named Jardin de Sports is now called the Sports Plaza.
  3. The Sports Cafe has been refurbed with a stunning HUGE TV in a seated area, and individual TV’s at many of the tables. The food prices have increased quite a lot.
  4. The Grand Cafe in The Village Square is now Foresters’ Kitchen and Terrace which has a lovely nature feel about it, and lots of outdoor seating including benches with cushions, huge parasols and heaters. A really cosy place to have a drink on a summer evening.
  5. There are no welcome offers in the villa, we remember there being offers for Spa treatments and free delivery for Dining In take away deals.
  6. The Azaleas are in full bloom and are absolutely stunning, especially along Azalea Boardwalk – between the Sports Plaza and The Plaza.
  7. Strada is now Bella Italia – with the prices the same as the High Street.
  8. Huck’s American Bar & Grill has been refurbed.
  9. Cafe Rouge has moved to where Huxtons was and new is Las Iguanas.
  10. There are new children’s zones in the pool and Tropical Cyclone ride.


Centerparcs Longleat Summer 2019

We are loving being at Centerparcs Longleat this time of year, with the stunning greenery of the trees, the flowers and the warm sunshine. Around the lake is lovely with the beach and grass areas full of people sunbathing and having picnics whilst the water is busy with paddleboards and pedalos.

We weren’t sure if we would enjoy it as much as our December visits as we adore the reindeer, Christmas trees, snow, twinkly lights and log fire but we are loving it and will definitely come back at this time of year!

Have you visited Centerparcs Longleat?


  1. I have never stayed at a Centerparks, but everyone I know who has have always loved them. I have been to Longleat a few time though x

  2. I’ve never been to Centerparks, but this seems like a great idea for a family break. Those are good and reputable restaurants – so useful to know that there will be food everyone will enjoy

  3. We live about an hour from here but have never visited -it looks stunning. Have you done the safari park?

  4. Even though we live local to Longleat Centerparcs we’ve never been! We usually opt to go further afield. Looks like you had a great time x

  5. I’ve never been to Centerparcs but this has really made me want to go! Looks like you had a great time x

  6. I would love to visit Centre Parcs. it looks like a lovely place for a break away.

  7. What a beautiful site. I am also looking for a place to take my one year old for a family fun trip. I guess it is just perfect with Wifi to keep my husband busy 🙂

  8. Oh wow how fab does this look. Such a nice place to visit for a break away xx

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