Why Ilha do Sal is the perfect place for Families

Why Ilha do Sal is the perfect place for Families


Spring is here… and it is going to stay (fingers crossed!) The days become longer, the daylight encourages us to go out and enjoy picnics with our loved ones, birds sing and the cherry trees blossom paint marvellous colours on the sky. Our skin is missing the beach, the sea and the never-ending days. Why not look at a holiday to celebrate?….

Why Ilha do Sal is the perfect place for Families

Have you any plans for this upcoming spring or summer holidays? If you haven’t thought of any yet, and you would like to travel with your family, we have the perfect place for you: Ilha do Sal (Salt Island).

This ideal island is located in Cape Verde, in the mid-Atlantic ocean. The isle has everything you are looking for if you are travelling with children but need to relax and enjoy your break too.  Its delightful sunny days and white sand beaches make Ilha do Sal one of the most visited beaches in Cape Verde. One of its main attractions is the sun (the locals boast about having almost 365 sunny days per year) and the beach bathing plus a few first-class resorts.

Spring is one of the best seasons to travel to this heavenly spot as  during summer the high temperatures attract the surfers and those looking for hot sun, but make it harder to explore. During spring you will enjoy the perfect weather to swim but also be able to do some trekking or family activities.

Why Ilha do Sal is the perfect place for Families

What to do in Ilha do Sal with your children

Discover the island and Santa Maria.
The infinite white sandy beaches will invite you to take a relaxing stroll while enjoying one of the best views in the whole world. If you want to discover the local life and try the typical food, the city of Santa Maria will be your safest bet. The coloured houses, outdoor restaurants and live music you will hear in everywhere will make you fall in love with this beautiful island. Don’t forget to try their bolachas (cookies eaten with goat cheese), cachupa (kind of stew with pork meat and vegetables), or their delicious and fresh fish.

Where to stay

When traveling with children, it is important to look for places that provide many activities both for the adults and the little ones. Close to the Algodoeiro beach (one of the best in Ilha do Sal) there is the Meliá Hotel Sol Dunas. Their 4 swimming pools, amphitheater to host shows and activities for all ages will make you enjoy a perfect stay. The outdoor activities such as cycling routes, water sports, fishing, kayaking or horse riding will let you discover the island in so many different ways.

The Ilha do Sal is one of those places that you will want to get lost, no matter if alone, as a couple or with your family, it is waiting for you with open arms all year round. Have you heard of Ilha do Sal?


  1. Oh wow four swimming pools in one hotel sounds like my daughter’s heaven! This looks like the perfect place for family holidays 🙂

  2. Actually not heard of this place – looks great

  3. Actually not heard of this place – looks great

  4. What a great place to stay, it looks ah rear choice for families

  5. I had never even thought of going here, it looks and sounds great. We are busy looking for honeymoon destinations for later in the year and still have no idea where to go so will have check here out x

  6. I’d never heard of Ilha do Sal before. We are not really beach holiday people, we usually do city sightseeing trips. But this place looks wonderful.

  7. Looks like a lovely place,thanks for sharing x

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