How to Child Proof Your House

How to Child Proof Your House


Children are naturally inquisitive, so you can be sure that yours are going to poke around your home as soon as they get the chance to do so. If you’re not careful, as they start exploring, they could come face-to-face with a multitude of different dangers from hazardous chemicals to perilous falls, if you don’t child-proof your home, the health and wellbeing of your children could be put at risk….

How to Child Proof Your House

Here are some great tips to child proof your house to make it safe for your children to explore and grow up in:

Stabilise your wooden floors
If you have wooden floors in your home, you and your children could very well be walking on a ticking time bomb. Wood can change its form due to seasonal humidity, which means that it swells and shrinks depending on the condition at the time, which can result in gaps forming between the boards. If this were to happen, your floors could become unstable and a danger to your children.
To ensure that your children are never forced to walk upon a floor that could potentially injure them, you should invest in Kährs cross-piled wooden flooring, such as the flooring available at Kens Yard. By laying your home with this kind of flooring, wear and tear will be counteracted and, as a result, your floors will be far more stable.

Keep hazards out of reach
Whether you realise it or not, your home is full of hazards. In order to make sure that your children do
not come into contact with them, you must keep them in an elevated position to ensure that they are impossible for your little ones to reach.
The most inconspicuous but potentially deadly hazards include:
Cleaning solutions and chemicals

Gate the kitchen
Your kitchen is the room in your home that is most full of risk. You should keep it gated to make sure that your children aren’t allowed to access it without your supervision.
Child safety locks, door catches, and stair / door gates will be a good investment. With them in place, you will be sure that your little ones aren’t getting into any kind of danger.

Invest in cordless window coverings

Children can get their neck caught in looped cords incredibly easy, ultimately resulting in the catastrophic event of them being strangled. In order to avoid such disaster, simply invest in cordless window coverings or, at the very least, cut your current covering’s loop.

Child-proofing your home is one of the most important jobs you face as a parent. I hope you find these tips on How to Child Proof Your House useful – have you any to add?


  1. Thanks – will pass this onto my neice

  2. Really useful tips, thank you! I am definitely going to need to baby proof my home again soon. One things for sure, I will never EVER own a corded blind! 🙁 They’re SO dangerous!

  3. My parents used to put stair gates on our stairs when I was a kid as we had open stairs which were quite dangerous x

  4. Jeez there’s so much to remember when preparing for having children! Half of these points I would never even imagine! x

  5. I am so glad we are out of this stage now but will have to re-do it all when my first grandchild arrives!!

  6. This are really useful tips. It is so important to child proof your home.

  7. I’ve got a child in my house so this post is really helpful for me. I also know lots of other friends who have little kids, so I’ll share this with them too.

  8. Great ideas and tips x

  9. It is really essential to keep our homes child proof because we need to take kid’s safety a priority. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  10. Lists like the above are always a helpful reminder, especially for new parents and grandparents. Making your home safe for children also helps make your home safe for pets.

  11. Great tips! It is really important to think about our kid’s safety! Thank you so much for sharing this!
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  12. Child safety is a top priority when in comes to our family. The information here is a great reminder for parents to keep the home safe. Thanks for sharing!

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