Party Plan Ideas For A Special Celebration

Party Plan Ideas For A Special Celebration


Mummy says…It’s always a great time to celebrate something; from major events like weddings and big birthdays, to things like housewarmings, new job shindigs, or just an excuse for a reunion with your old mates. In a couple of months my mother will be celebrating her 70th birthday, and in January my parents celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary. If you’re planning to celebrate a special occasion, you’ll want to make sure that everyone has an enjoyable time, and leaves full of happy memories that will last…

Party Plan Ideas For A Special Celebration

If you have something to celebrate coming up, as we have,  it’s worth putting a bit of thought and planning into your event or party. Careful attention to details will make sure that your guests are reminded who and why they’re there to have fun.

So grab a notebook and pen (or your digital version) so that you can begin listing all the fun stuff. Prioritising what’s important and ensuring that they’re ticked off first, will help to alleviate any pre-party nerves or stresses, making sure that your special occasion runs smoothly and goes off with a bang (should you want it to)! Here are some ideas, inspiration, and advice to make your special celebration an occasion to remember.

What’s The Mood?

So many things at a party or get together can set the mood or tone of the event. So it’s worth putting some thought into exactly what you want that mood to be. Are you after a high-powered dance fest, or something chilled, where people can socialise and relax? There are so many options but once you’ve chosen how the event will feel, you’ll have a good idea to start choosing the various elements of your special occasion. Music and entertainment is the ideal place to start, take a look on this page so that you can gain some inspiration on who to hire, to perform and sing at your party. Think about room decorations and a colour scheme to match the mood too.

Where’s The Food

It sounds so obvious and simple, but, sustenance for your guests will make sure that they can enjoy your party and have plenty of energy for the whole event! Give it as much care and attention to choosing the food and drink as you did to choosing the entertainment. Again, the mood or theme of your occasion can help you determine what’s suitable; whether you have a sit-down meal, circulating nibbles, or an abundant buffet table, it’s worth thinking about how you can offer something for everyone, and stick to a theme. Regions and culture are the perfect place to start, you could opt for local produce and a seasonal feast. You can complement the colours and decor of the party by using the same palettes for the cake icing and food decor too. There’s plenty of ways to use edible items to decorate a space, so take a look here for some inspiration.

Have you any big events coming up or ideas for a special celebration?


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