Great Gift Ideas for a Special Person

Great Gift Ideas for a Special Person


It is feeling a lot more like Spring, last week we had come beautiful warm weather and managed a couple of days away. Mother’s Day is just around the corner, as is Easter and we have been looking at some great gift ideas for a special person…

Great Gift Ideas for a Special Person

You can’t beat personalised gifts, they are a unique, thoughtful way to celebrate any occasion and are perfect for Mother’s Day.

The Gift Experience – a UK family run business, have some awesome gift ideas for someone special, and I was recently sent a beautiful gift box with a bottle of single malt whiskey with a personalised label. I chose to give it to someone who assures me the whiskey is very good! Ordering was easy, delivery was quick and my gift arrived in perfect condition. I would definitely recommend The Gift Experience, they have the widest range of unique and personalised gift ideas for a special person at brilliant prices.

Great Gift Ideas for a Special Person

Why not chose a bottle of your mum’s favourite drink to personalise for Mother’s Day? (There is a particular bottle of personalised gin I have my eye on!)

Or she might like some personalised jewellery – I have a couple of pieces and treasure them – especially one with Pickle’s fingerprint from when he was a baby.

There are lots of ideas on the Gift Experience website, as well as drink and jewellery there is a wide range of novelty gifts, experience days and a wide range of personalised cards.

Another thoughtful idea is subscription to a family tree website. I have started researching our family tree with and it is absolutely fascinating. There are different levels of subscriptions and it is a great gift idea. Warning – it is highly addictive!

As well as Mother’s Day, it is my mother’s 70th birthday in May and I will definitely be popping back to The Gift Experience website for a special gift.


  1. Awww personalised gifts are fabulous! They make wonderful and unique treasured gifts for those special occasions. Hope your mum has a wonderful birthday! Sim x

  2. You’ve given some great gift ideas. I definitely think I need to check out The Gift Experience.

  3. I agree I think personalised gifts are always a good idea as they show that extra bit of thought x

  4. These are some really lovely gift ideas for Mothers day.

  5. I think I am booking my book in for an lovely after noon tea for mother’s day.

  6. Aw so many fab ideas. I like the idea of the family tree, that is lovely, thoughtful and personal too xx

  7. I always find jewellery to be a really special option to gift to someone. Its something you can keep forever if you choose a timeless piece xxx

  8. I love a personalised gift. I have bought a commissioned card which depicts my wife and dog as he is sending a card to her on mothers day 😉

  9. I want to do the ancestry thing, I have only managed to go back to great grandparents on the family tree so far

  10. Ive used rhis site once,bit think i’ll be taking a beter look now x

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