Get your Home Ready for Spring

Get your Home Ready for Spring


Mummy says… Spring is around the corner, even if it doesn’t feel like it this week! We have had a couple of bright days but gosh the wind is freezing. Anyway, it is time to get your home spring ready and I have some fab tips and checklist for you…..


  1. Go through your winter clothes, wash or take to a dry cleaning service to clean before packing away in vacuum bags to save room.
  2. Clear the gutters. Spring is the perfect time to tackle this and remove the debris that has built up during the autumn and winter. Remove as much as you can with your hands (make sure to wear gloves) and then rinse with the garden hose. Check the downspouts are clear of any obstructions.
  3. Check your house roof, as well as garage, sheds and outhouses. Roof repairs are best done in the Spring or Summer when the weather is warmer. You could get a professional company in such as Westchase Roofing to have a look and give you a quote.
  4. Power wash your drive, decking paths and drives to remove moss and other built up muck. There are professional driveway cleaning companies should you be unable to tackle it yourself.
  5. Clean the windows inside and out. You can make an effective, natural window cleaner which will leave your windows sparkling. Mix in a spray bottle 500ml of distilled or filtered water with 2 tablespoons of vinegar and 10 drops of lemon essential oil. Use microfibre cloths, old T Shirts or newspapers to clean the windows. Don’t use paper towels as they leave lint behind, and choose a dry but not really sunny or warm day.
  6. Check and repair any fencing, including fence posts, panels, gates and hinges. Re-apply any protective stain treatment, or sand down and paint.
  7. Clear out and organise the garage and any sheds. Choose a dry day and completely empty the garage or shed. Organise into sections such as garden equipment, furniture, camping stuff etc. Use strong free standing shelving to store off the floor if possible. Store smaller things in clear plastic storage boxes with secure lids to keep any damp at bay. Label each box clearly.
  8. Clean off patio furniture ready for enjoying early summer sun and sitting outside. Hose them off after scrubbing with a wet sponge and baking soda or a diluted bleach mixture (plastic / mesh furniture). For black plastic furniture try WD40 – spray on and wipe with a dry cloth – yes really! Try it and see.
  9. Check and replace any non working outdoor light bulbs. Research solar panelled garden and pathway lighting if you want to add some light to your garden.
  10. Generally tidying up your outside space will make it feel and look better as you get your home ready for spring. Sweep paths, clear out drains of moss and leaves, brush down any cobwebs and wash any paintwork.
  11. A couple of freshly planted pots around your front door will brighten up the entrance, clean down your door, frame and step, polish any door knobs and letter box flaps. If your front door is wooden, clean and repaint it necessary.

If you start on this list of jobs now, your home will be more than ready for the lovely longer evenings and warmer days for you to relax and enjoy, instead of having a last minute panic and missing the sunshine.

Have you any tips to add to get your home ready for Spring?

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