Driving Safely in Winter

Driving Safely in Winter

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Mummy says…Even though we have had some lovely spring weather recently it is still winter and the weather can take a nasty turn at any moment. It has got much colder, and we have just survived Storm Gareth! We visited London last weekend and had extreme strong winds all the way. I have put together some tips for driving safely in winter, if you are heading off anywhere…

Driving Safely in Winter
If you are taking a road trip in the winter, you may encounter many different types of weather. Heavy rain, snow, ice and high winds to name a few.
With it being winter now and road traffic accidents being a much higher risk, it is important to be aware of the actual dangers of driving in extreme conditions.
The average speed limit in the UK is 30mph.
Do you know how long it takes to stop in an emergency?
at 30mph it is 23 metres.
at 50mph it is 53 metres.
at 70mph it is 96 metres.
In wet weather it takes TWICE AS LONG!!
In ice and snow it takes UP TO 10 TIMES AS LONG!

The most important thing you need to check is the condition of your car before you head out on your journey, specifically your tyre pressure and tread. Kwik Fit offers car servicing and checks the condition of things such as batteries and car and van tyres. This would help you to be ready for the dangerous conditions that may be on the road. Check your car lamps regularly too and replace non-working bulbs. Check your fog lights too and remember to use them in foggy or misty conditions.
Check the weather conditions before you make your journey, and if the forecast is bad then postpone your trip if you can. If you do have to set off, make sure you have a fully charged mobile phone, details of any breakdown cover you have, some snacks, drink and blankets, just in case you get stranded.
Have you any tips for driving safely in Winter?

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  1. Very important advice.It’s essential to drive safely in Wintertime especially if there’s children in the car.

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