Chocolate Free Easter Treats

Chocolate Free Easter Treats


Pickle says… It is almost Easter – where is the year going?! I love chocolate and having lots of eggs from the Easter Bunny, but I also like having chocolate free Easter treats too, we have some great ideas for you to look out for…

Chocolate Free Easter Treats

Transformer BotBots from Hasbro. These little guys are one inch tall, disguised as every day items such as a hot chocolate mug which transform into a mini BotBot. They come in a blind bag and cost around £3 each.

Moshi Monsters – Who doesn’t love Moshi Monsters? I was sent an awesome Egg Hunt pack with five Moshi Monsters and two surprise ones each hidden in an egg. There are different size packs available – singles, packs of 4, 7 and even a 17 piece pack! Each one has a QR Code which unlocks a digital gift too.

Other fab ideas for chocolate free Easter treats are:

  1. Books, I LOVE reading and have just moved up to Stage 9 in the Oxford Learning Tree, I am very excited and would love some books for Easter.
  2. Minecraft coins – I am obsessed with Minecraft at the moment and am always asking Mummy for some Minecraft coins so I can buy new characters.
  3. A pass to one of our local attractions. Instead of eggs from everyone, an annual pass is a great idea for lots of days out – and it will last so much longer than chocolate! Out local castle has their annual pass for only £5.70!
  4. Colouring books and crayons. These will keep me busy on the journeys over the Easter Holidays too!
  5. A new game for my Nintendo DS which I had for Christmas. Mummy has found me some brilliant games from only £5 in C-Ex shops – or try Ebay or your local Facebook Marketplace.

I am seriously looking forward to Easter and two weeks off school! Have you any other ideas for chocolate free Easter treats?

We were sent Hasbro Transformers Botbots and Moshi Monstes Egg hunt pack as gifts for Easter – we decided to share our review but it was not requested.


  1. Glad to see you still love to read and congrats for being bright to request books for Easter.
    Most kids here in the States only want candy filled baskets. What book are you currently reading?

  2. Oh I love this and what a fab idea! Asking for books is such a sweet thing to do, my kids are all about the chocolate…

  3. I find that if I have an easter egg it just makes me want more chocolate so I always get a little gift instead x

  4. My son also like playing Minecraft on his Ipad and he’s telling me all the awesome stuff that he’s creating. My nephew is so excited for the Easter egg hunt.

  5. Books would be my ideal gift for Easter as well. You get much more enjoyment from a story that can last a life time than a quick chocolate fix. Hope you get some good reads x

  6. I think Mice Craft coins and a new game for Nintendo DS are fab ideas. However, books and educational materials are still the best.

  7. Great ideas, books are always a winner here too! I have also found there are so many “surprise egg” type toys out at the moment these make great alternative chocolate free ideas for an egg hunt! x
    Jess Howliston recently posted…Can You Relate To The Life of an Astronaut?My Profile

  8. What a great idea. It is nice sometimes not to have sweet treats. We may have to try Easter without the chocs xx

  9. Oscar’s just discovered Moshi Monsters and Stacey’s given him all her old ones from when they were popular the first time round. He’s so lucky 🙂 We can’t wait to get our hands on some of the new ones!!

    Louise x

  10. Bet these are fun,great alternative to Easter Eggs x

  11. We aren’t doing chocolate eggs this year,so these and have been a great buy

  12. Didn’t buy any this year – donated the money to CHARITY

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