Top 5 Family Attractions in Orlando

Top 5 Family Attractions in Orlando


Pickle says… I haven’t been to Florida yet, but want to go so much! Mummy and biggest sis Mimi have been three times (lucky them!) and Luke and Lea, my big bro and sis and have been twice. We are all hoping to go in a few years for Mummy’s next big birthday….

Top 5 Family Attractions in Orlando

Planning a holiday is as much fun as actually going, thinking about all the amazing places to go and things to do is so exciting. Planning a holiday like this is even better! We have put together our top 5 family attractions in Orlando that we will definitely be visiting:

  1. Walt Disney World. Mummy says there is just no where like it. I absolutely LOVE Disneyland Paris, I have been three times already, and can only imagine how fantastic the Orlando one must be.
  2. Universal Studios. The first attraction we would go to would be The Wizarding World of Harry Potter as we are all huge Harry Potter fans.
  3. Seaworld. Mummy and biggest sister Mimi went on Kraken – a floorless roller coaster when Mimi was just 8! She LOVED fast coasters!
  4. Fun Spot America Orlando. Now here is somewhere none of us has ever been but the choice of roller coasters looks just amazing for my big bro and sisters. Home to Orlando’s only wooden roller coaster and the World’s 2nd tallest SkyCoaster at 250 ft.
  5. Discovery Cove. Mummy really wanted to visit but ran out of time. We would love to interact with bottlenose dolphins what an amazing experience that would be.

Top 5 Family Attractions in Orlando

Make sure you get your Orlando park tickets online to get the best value for money. Look at combined tickets which may save you even more.

Plan your visit before you go, have an idea of what rides and attractions you all want to go on and what characters you want to see. Don’t forget all the shows, fireworks and displays! This is half the fun! Make sure you plan a couple of days just chilling at the hotel – packing in the parks is exhausting and you will walk miles!

Have you been and visited any of our Top 5 Family Attractions in Orlando?


  1. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter looks amazing! I really want to go too 🙂

  2. Never actually been would absolutely love to go one day

  3. I was lucky enough to visit Orlando a good few years ago now and we went to Universal Studios, but it was before they added to Harry Potter experience. I would love to revisit again to see that 🙂

  4. This is a really useful post. I’d like to visit Orlando in a few years with Sylvia and it’s good to know what’s out there. The Harry Potter attraction at Universal Studios sounds good.

  5. I would love to go to Orlando, Florida. But the thought of planing a holiday would probably send me mental with worry wondering if I have done everything. I would definitely enjoy Disney world and discovery cove, although my kids would love universal studios they are also Harry Potter mad

  6. We are heading back to Florida this year. I cannot wait.

  7. We have been to all these 5 Orlando attractions, we actually got married out in Florida. Fab place for sure xx

  8. We’ve been talking about visiting Orlando in the not too distant future so this is a really handy guide.

  9. I so want to do the Wizarding World of Harry Potter – we are holding out for Star wars to open though

  10. Such a fab selection of attractions to do in Orlando! Fun Spot America sounds like a lot of fun!

  11. These look great x

  12. I havent but it is literally my dream to be able to afford to take the children one day. Im 37 so will probably be for mummy’s next big birthday too 🙂

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