New Movie The Queen’s Corgi

New Movie The Queen’s Corgi

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Mummy says… My family loves to spend time together watching movies. Pickle and I (and the teens!) love the same films which is great. The newest movie on our list is “The Queen’s Corgi”, which is set for UK release on 5th July 2019. If you want to forgo the theatre and watch it during a cosy movie night at home with yummy snacks and snuggly blankets, it is already available for pre-order on CHILI….

New Movie The Queen’s Corgi

“The Queen’s Corgi” is a sweet animated family comedy directed by Ben Stassen and Vincent Kesteloot about the Queen of England’s beloved pet Corgis. (Pickle loves just about any movie with pups in it, so I’m sure with the Queen’s pet corgis this film will be one that Pickle and I will enjoy!) Written by Rob Sprackling and John R. Smith, the film follows the journey of main character, Rex, who is the Queen’s mischievous and newest addition to the corgi crew.

In “The Queen’s Corgi”, Rex lives quite the life of luxury in Buckingham Palace but somehow finds himself in a London Dog’s Home. On his way back to return to the Queen, Rex embarks on quite a journey in both a physical sense and way of newfound self discovery. In real life, the Queen doesn’t have a corgi named Rex but she has had corgis named Monty, Willow, Foxy, Bushy and Candy so Rex seems like he would fit right in with her corgi family.

Jack Whitehall voices Rex and the rest of the voice cast has quite the list of actors. Rex’s
canine co-stars are voiced by Ray Winstone as Tyson, Sheridan Smith as Wanda, and Matt Lucas as Charlie. The Queen is voiced by Julie Walters and and The Duke of Edinburgh is voiced by Tom Courtney.

Here in the UK, the love that Queen Elizabeth II has for her precious corgis is well known. With the release of “The Queen’s Corgi”, it is doubtful that anyone could help but love them as well!


We’ll not only get a closer at the Queen and the sweet royal pups, but we’ll also just get to
follow the adventure of a pet that is truly cherished ‘man’s best friend’. So whether you
want to watch it for the ties to the Palace or just because it’s about a cute pup, “The Queen’s
Corgi” is a lighthearted film to see that will have you and your kids ‘aw-ing’ throughout.

Plus, it’s always fun to watch an animated film that is based off something in real life. I’ll always think of this film when I see a corgi now, and I love that Corgi’s are a Welsh breed of dog.

Have you heard of the new movie The Queen’s Corgi already? Will you be watching it?

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  1. This looks so cute x

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