Is Travelling and Homeschooling an Option?

Is Travelling and Homeschooling an Option?

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Mummy says… Conventional schooling will always be the main way in which we teach our children, but its limitations are beginning to be both explored and recognised. Conventional schooling has a strict focus on academic subjects. Topics such as Science and Maths are at the heart of institutional schools, and there may be little room left for the arts, so is Travelling and Homeschooling an option?

Is Travelling and Homeschooling an Option?

Conventional schooling may also only cater for a specific type of learning. Some children work very well in an academic setting, and some work better in more practical or physically focused environments. It has been suggested that homeschooling, paired with travel, can accommodate children in a more varied and representative education. Here are just a few of the reasons why homeschooling and traveling may, in fact, be a more educational and fair way of teaching children:

The rise of technology

First things first, the rise of technology and the new found ability to easily access and utilise schooling materials from pretty much anywhere in the world means that children no longer need to live near, or be enrolled in, a traditional educational establishment. This is probably one of the main educational benefits of the internet. This means that both children and adults are able to undergo training, education and learning from anywhere in the world.

Cheaper travelling for families

Traveling is becoming ever more affordable for families. Whether you want to take road trips, hop from continent to continent, or even travel by boat, getting around has never been more economical! Even going on a holiday abroad is more accessible now than it ever has been. With cheaper airport parking  such as cheap Luton Airport Parking – and easily affordable flights and accommodation, there really is no reason not to travel the world!

Homeschooling technology

Homeschooling technology is becoming more refined and accessible. Not only does the internet allow you to access teaching and learning materials from anywhere in the world, but course providers are also coming up with new ways to provide those materials. From short courses and bite sized learning, to distance learning Masters Degrees, the rise of homeschooling technology really is making learning and traveling an easy thing to do.

The problem with our educational system

The UK’s educational system relies on the classroom learning environment, and this can be disheartening for students whose learning performs better in more practical environments. The use of trips, physical education, and art goes someway to addressing these problems, however they may not completely make up for it. There are solutions for this, and learning while travelling may just be one of them!  

Learning from the world

Travelling is known to be one of the most insightful, influential, and educational activities that you can undergo, so why not take your children traveling? Experiencing different cultures, seeing different sites and learning about the diverse richness that our planet has offers a hugely nourishing and dense educational environment. Sometimes, learning from living is more important than writing an essay or doing a test. Those who are traveling and homeschooling know this better than anyone else. Maybe our children would benefit from a more socially, culturally and environmentally focused learning space.

So what are the down sides?

We have discussed why traveling and homeschooling is becoming an increasingly popular way of teaching children and young people, but what about the downsides? Everything comes with its pros and it’s cons, and traveling the world rather than attending school is no exception. Children may not get the opportunity to form a well integrated and established routine, while their parents may have to spend a lot of time creating curriculums and coursework. Children may not get the opportunity to establish long-lasting childhood friendships. They may not play out with their friends in the street, nor attend school socials, trips and dances. They may not be included in school clubs, trips or plays. But how much of an impact do all of these things play on a childhood? Is it necessarily a bad thing that they won’t have these experiences? Do the experiences that they will miss out on outweigh the experiences that they will have while traveling? Well, that is down to you.

There are a combination of reasons why homeschooling and traveling is becoming more common and popular in the modern world. The rise of technology, cheaper travel and the limitations of our educational system are just a few of these reasons. But homeschooling and travel is an option, so it is up to us parents to make the call. Sometimes, learning from the world is just more important than taking a test…

Do you think Travelling and Homeschooling is an option?


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  1. More possible than ever before – with technologies it’s possible to do both – great experience

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