Do I Need an MOT

Do I Need an MOT?


Mummy says…Living in rural Wales I could not be without my car. Public transport is very sporadic, especially in the Winter months, and as we live a twenty minute drive from school and college, my car is vital, as is looking after it…

Do I Need an MOT

The most important aspect of any car over three years old is MOT testing. You must MOT a new car by it’s third anniversary of registration by law. If you are buying a used car you can check if it has a current MOT and MOT history by visiting the website with the car registration number.

What if I don’t have an MOT?

If your car doesn’t have an MOT you could be fined £1000, and cannot renew your road tax. No MOT also invalidates your insurance which carries a further six-eight penalty points risk.

Why do I need an MOT:
  • To check a car’s safety and roadworthiness, in particular the brakes and emissions.
  • It’s a legal requirement on a vehicle’s third birthday, then it must be renewed annually.
  • It includes an extensive list of internal and external checks.

But did you realise:

  • An MOT is a visual check only, the examiners are not allowed to change or remove anything on your car, so it is important to still keep on top of servicing your car.
  • There are over 600 ways for your car to fail an MOT.

Autotrader has a great article on how to prepare your car for an MOT test with lots of useful information, you can read it here.

  1. Don’t forget to arrange for your car to have an MOT if needed. Book it into a government approved MOT testing centre. The MOT will check that your car is fit for purpose and roadworthy and some garages offer a service and MOT package.
  1. Check when your car’s MOT is due. The months fly by and it is so easy to forget. Some garages may send you a reminder you by post, email or text or you can set up your car details on an app to be reminded.

Fife Autocentres are one such Government approved Vehicle Operator Services Agency (VOSA) centre and all MOT tests are completed by MOT testers nominated by VOSA.

You can book an appointment online and have an MOT test completed up to one month before the expiry of your MOT.

Why not get your car MOT and service in the Dundee area from Fife Autocentre. They have the latest diagnostic equipment along with guaranteed parts and labour and with their service and MOT option you will save both time and money. Book your interim service and MOT together from only £115.



  1. O need an MOT – roadworthy and peace of mind essentials

  2. My mot didn’t fair well – at the end of the day I’ll pay for repairs – safety is paramount

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