Celebrate Valentine's Day with Love Hearts

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Love Hearts


Who doesn’t absolutely love Swizzels Love Hearts? From having childhood memories of them to my own children loving them, right up to 2019 I LOVE them! They now have some pretty cool Limited Edition Love Hearts Emojis in the range….

Celebrate Valentine's Day with Love Hearts

We were sent a fabulous Swizzels Love Hearts Hamper to help us get ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and I am literally in sweetie heaven. Have I hidden some from the children? I am (not) ashamed to say yes I have!


As well as a range of delicious Love Hearts packs we were sent some adorable Love Hearts Emojis tins for us to personalise.

Pickle immediately wanted to decorate one for me – who am I to say no to a cute tin full of mini Love Heart sweetie rolls decorated with love by my son? I’d say that is a pretty perfect Valentine’s Day gift!


He had great fun decorating my tin, and I chose to decorate one for my Valentine – I am not saying who it’s for – that is the point of a Valentine isn’t it?


Swizzels Love Hearts have a fascinating history dating from 65 years ago in 1954 when they were first produced. Their messages keep up to date with the latest being ‘Tweet Me’, “Take a Selfie’ and more. As well as their delicious sweeties there is a growing range of Love Hearts branded products – all of which being perfect Valentine’s Day gifts.

There are lots of cool prizes to be own on the website, as well as being the only place you can order Love Hearts sweets personalised for your loved one, and fab gift ideas including hampers, jars and more.

Whatever you are planning for Valentine’s Day, there is always room to add a little sweetness with Swizzels Love Hearts. You can join in on social media too with the hashtag #ShareTheLove

We were sent the Love Hearts Hamper in exchange for this blog post.



  1. These are so cute – CERTAINLY make valentines day special

  2. These are great love them xx

  3. what a lovely gift and keepsake to make for your loved one, and parent.

  4. Aww what a perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day! Love Hearts are the sweet made for the day of love 🙂

  5. Perfect way to celebrate valentines day – so sweet

  6. We love love hearts, and these are all fab ideas…and now I have been reminded I was supposed to buy some for the other half and it is tomorrow…better late than never I suppose!! At least I didn’t forget a card and gift for him totally!

  7. My 8 year old loves love heart sweets. Love the tins your received and decorated, a fab idea for valentines 🙂

  8. I left the boys find of these this morning before going to work! They are a firm favourite in our house too!

  9. Love this! I once made my (now husband) a Valentines card by scanning love hearts on my scanner at work – I can’t remember the message. Who doesn’t love Love Hearts!?

  10. What a lovely hamper! We love Swizzels, especially Love Hearts. Great job decorating too.

  11. Oh wow, lucky you! I love Love Hearts! Parma Violets are my favourite, but Love Hearts come a close second.

  12. Got to have love hearts for Valentine’s Day! I especially like the tins that can be decorated to add a personal touch.

  13. I haven’t had Love Hearts in years. I always remember having them as a child and loved the little messages.

  14. Love Love Hearts sweets, and yes we did have some for Valentine’s Day 2019.

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