Preparing Your Garden in the Winter

Preparing Your Garden in the Winter


Mummy says…Winter is fully upon us now, and as the cold winter months are here it’s important to get your garden ready and prepared for the worse weather conditions that are to come. From fixing broken fencing to weeding your lawn, there are a number of important tasks that should be carried out now, so that your garden can survive the harsh winter conditions ahead….

Preparing Your Garden in the Winter

These useful tips have been gathered to help you ensure your garden is in the best condition leading into the colder months…

Preparing Soil for Spring
When the Spring arrives, you want to be able to get stuck into your gardening and get started on planting and growing. In order to do this, you need to ensure that your soil is prepared now, giving it the time it needs to settle and be ready for the work you intend to do throughout Spring. By adding specific nutrients to your soil now, such as manure and compost, you are able to give your soil a head start, giving the nutrients time to decompose into the soil and break down properly. One important thing to remember after adding the nutrients to your soil, however, is to cover the area with plastic sheets, as this will prevent any of rain or snow from getting into the soil and reversing the effects of the added

Eliminate Weeds
Weeds are the bane of everyone’s life and they are a pain when they take over the garden area. Through the winter, the wet weather can encourage weeds to grow strong, which is the last thing you want when the Spring arrives. To save you hours of weeding in the new year, now is the time to get those weeds and eliminate them from your garden. Start by digging up the pesky weeds from each area within your garden and take them to a different area to burn them, this way they won’t grow back again. By spending a few hours removing as many weeds as you can from the garden, you can rest assured they will have settled considerably by Spring. If you’re unsure on which products you have that are best for helping you do this, places like Two Wests have a great selection of tools for you to work with.

Select & Plant Bulbs
Having a plan for your Spring garden is essential at this time of year, as there are many bulbs that need planting now in order to bloom in time for the months ahead. Now is the perfect time to select the plants that you want to include within your garden and figure out where you want them to be. It’s important to not overcrowd your flower beds as you want your plants to have enough room to grow and blossom.

Assess Landscaping
Along with the plants and greenery within your garden, you need to check on your other landscaping features, such as fencing, sheds and so on. These items are the most important to look out for as if you have a slightly damaged fence, you can almost guarantee that the strong winds will break down the fencing and you’ll be left with a huge hole into the neighbour’s garden! By checking on these areas within the garden, you can fix them properly and ensure they’re strong enough to handle the heavy weather conditions that winter will throw at them.

I hope you find these tips helpful in preparing your garden in the winter – have you any tips to add?


  1. Love these tips, I have my gardener coming next week and will make sure he does all of the above!

  2. It’s definitely important to do the work now so your garden will be ready for spring. Mich X
    Michelle Twin Mum recently posted…Making Positive Changes #R2BCMy Profile

  3. When we have a house I can’t wait to have a garden but I’d have no idea how to cope with it in winter when it’s not full of flowers so good tips x

  4. A garden is much more work than people think. These are really handy hints xx

  5. Great tips! We had our garden renovated last summer and I really wanted to get to grips with it this year. So far I havent done anything! Aggh!

  6. These are really great tips! My garden was looking so good during the warmer months last year, I hope it doesn’t all die down now!

  7. we had astro turf laid last year but my mum an dad would benefit from these tips.
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  8. We need to start getting our garden sorted, it’s a bit of a state at the moment! Having a newborn over the Summer didn’t help!

  9. Great tips, I just wish I had a garden, I can’t wait to move and have one in my next place x

  10. Thanks for the tips. I remember when I had to deal with harsh winters back in the northeast. Thankfully we’ve moved to California a few years ago. I don’t miss having to bring in the pots, cleaning them and all.

  11. Thank you so much for all the nice tips about gardening. I find some creative plan to organize my garden in this winter and grow some kind of plants. Hopefully will share my experience.

    Alan recently posted in How to choose a best suction pool cleaner

  12. Great ideas – can’t wait for spring so I can start on the garden again

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