Win a Multi Fuel Stove worth £399

Competition – Win a Multi Fuel Stove worth £399


It has got so much colder these last few days hasn’t it? We have a fantastic competition for you with Cast Fireplaces – the chance for a reader to Win a Multi Fuel Stove worth £399…

Win a Multi Fuel Stove worth £399

The prize is a Forgemaster Billy 5KW stove which is a beautiful modern looking stove designed to fit a standard opening. The stove currently sells for £399. Full details of the stove can be found here:

Stove Features

5 Year Warranty
Tested and approved to European Standard EN13240
Steel construction featuring 10mm thick top
75.7% Efficiency
Secondary burn feature
Controllable Output upto 5KW
Suitable for use with wood, coal, coke. peat, anthracite or smokeless fuels
External riddling grate for easy no mess use
Chrome air cooled handle
British Designed
Hearth temperature will not exceed 60C


380mm Wide
540mm High
360mm Depth
Allow 100mm clearance at the sides if non combustible and 200mm from combustible materials

Flue Options

Flue Size 5″ (127mm)
Flue Options Top or Rear flued

Win a Multi Fuel Stove worth £399

This competition will close at Midnight on 21 February 2019.

It is open to UK residents only.

Delivery to most UK Postcodes is INCLUDED. Please check delivery requirements and your area here.

To enter, please answer the question below – you can gain more entries via Rafflecopter.

Question – What is your favourite time of year?

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  1. Oòoo wow this would fit PERFECT in my soon to be new kitchen – looks fab

  2. Would love this fab stove to warm up my new home!

  3. My favourite time of the year is the winter, because we’ve got halloween Christmas and cosy nights in with my family watching films xx

  4. Autumn is my favourite time of year – it’s cosy and warm 🙂

  5. I love Autumn, the pretty golden colours outside and the excitement of the months ahead, Knowing that Christmas is coming! Cosy evenings in with my family, candles lit and heating on! Ahh perfect.

  6. Definitely winter-time – curled up while it snows outside.

  7. Spring is my favourite time. Winter behind us for another year and summer still to look forward to 🙂

  8. winter cosy nights in with the family , crisp frosty morning walks

  9. I love sunshine so Summer is my favourite time of year.

  10. My favourite time of year is autumn with all the beautiful colours in woodlands – beautiful!

  11. This would be amazing and would make my extension look perfect.

  12. summer as winter is too cold but this would warm me up

  13. Christmas is my favourite time of the year, especially with my 2 year old now understanding what it’s all about

  14. I like to be warm, so Summer is my favourite season.

  15. got to be Winter when you can enjoy a real fire and wrap up if cold, nothing worse than being too hot for sure, love to see the sunshine, but the heat just saps you out.

  16. I like the Autumn when the nights are beginning to get dark and the leaves change

  17. Summer is my favourite month and also my birthday. Love the sunny weather and being outside more

  18. mine is . . . . . summer as l love to be warm

  19. Always wanted a muti fuel stove,and our two dogs would love one too.

  20. I love Autumn. I love autumnal walks and collecting conkers with my 5 kids.

  21. favourite time of year is Spring when everything starts to get more alive!

  22. Summer. I need blue skies and warm weather.

  23. Spring is my favourite time of year, because it’s warm and exciting.

  24. Summer as I love the warmer weather.

  25. The autumn as it’s not too hot or cold and lasts longer than the summer

  26. End of march as its only days till we start a new year of annual leave on holidays.

  27. Summer

  28. I love Spring.

  29. Has to be summer as long as it’s like the summer of 2018 not the usual British summer.

  30. I love Autumn,not too cold or hot x

  31. Summer. It’s the only time of year I get out more often due to my age.

  32. I am a summer gal through and through. Love this gorgeous stove.

  33. i have got to say the summer, the light mornings and nights

  34. I love the spring, so much hope and longer days without been too hot.

  35. I work outdoors so it has to be summer 🙂

  36. Summer,love the warmth

  37. Summer,love the warmth

  38. Definitely summer, the sun is shining and people are happier.

  39. spring, not too cold and not too hot x

  40. Summer because it’s my birthday!

  41. Winter time …..well it would be if we had a burner…my dad has one and its cozy at his house

  42. summer is my favorite season long summer nights

  43. Winter’s my favourite

  44. My favourite time of year is christmas/Winter. I love all the family activities that are available and it’s a special family time for me.Today we had some snow and it’s so pretty.

  45. My favourite time of the year is Christmas, I love the food, parties, catching up with loved ones and having a nice rest.

  46. I love Autumn! I love seeing the nature changing outside, the slightly cooler weather so I can drink lots of hot chocolate and wear my favourite jumpers

  47. My favourite time of the year is spring! I love the days getting longer and the way the outdoors suddenly comes back to life!

  48. I’m an autumn lover – the colours, the fun of kicking up leaves, the excitement of halloween and bonfire night… not much else to say, best time of year! xx

  49. I love warm spring days where everything is growing and buzzing but still feels fresh.

  50. Late spring, because it warms up and we have months of better light and weather to enjoy

  51. Spring for me, just when you think you can’t bear the dark nights any more, it’s here. The first flowers, the weather is warm but not too warm. Perfect! I like autumn as well, I suppose I don’t like it either too hot or too cold!

  52. Spring and the promise of new things to come!

  53. Mine has to be summer, love the long days & warm weather.

  54. I love going out and about in the Spring with my camera.

  55. Spring is the best, goodbye winter.

  56. Summer! lots of extra time with my babies

  57. It used to be autumn but this year I think it might be spring 🙂 I can’t wait

  58. Definitely winter, and walks in the crisp air followed by coming home to a lovely warm fire

  59. Spring

  60. Spring when everything is fresh and green and coming to life

  61. Autumn into winter – blue skies, falling golden leaves, a chill in the air but rosy cheeks; brisk walks in the countryside with the dog, bonfire, bangs and fog; and the lead up to Christmas which I love every year, hearts full of love and good cheer – but none of these times would be perfect without a wonderfully warming multi-fuel stove…and then gently into Spring after flurries of snow – but no concern – our nights are bliss – no more chills, just cosy toes…

  62. I love the summer time!

  63. Spring – for the promise of lighter nights and warmer weather yet to come!

  64. Christmas is my favourite time of year!

  65. Spring, because I can get out on my bike and have fun and generally be more active.

  66. either Christmas time or the summer holidays 🙂

  67. I love the winter months cosy next the mrs watching films

  68. my favourite time of year is spring, when it signals new beginnings

  69. I love winter! I love the cold nights been snuggled up at home with hot drinks and tv!

  70. I love Autumn.
    Love copying up with my wife and daughters on the couch watching films

  71. I love springtime, the days are getting longer, hopefully you don’t need the fire on as much – just a warmer in the early mornning/late evening. Everything is trying to burst back into life, it’s amazing.

  72. spring for me the time of awakening and new beginnings

  73. Spring – warm days and chilly nights to snuggle up in front of a fire.

  74. Summer because I hate the cold weather

  75. Summer as i love playing cricket

  76. Love Autumn as it’s not too hot and not too cold and the colours are so beautiful and rich and of course rustling the leaves when no ones looking

  77. Summer really, because I don’t like short days with very little sunlight, or cold and rain.

  78. Mine is summer, love those long warm days

  79. love the summer time

  80. Has to be summer, as I love to spend time outdoors

  81. With this, it just has to be winter. The chance to go out in the coldest and snowiest of weather, knowing that an instant warm-up is waiting at home!

  82. I love Spring with all the new growth in the garden

  83. Christmas for being at home and getting festive but do love my Summer & Easter holidays.

  84. I like the spring when the weather is just beginning tog et warm and the flowers are budding

  85. Christmas, i love how magical it is for the children, the younger ones that still believe
    And me!

  86. Looks great. Would love this for my conservatory!

  87. Autumn is my favourite time of year

  88. The summer is my favourite time of year

  89. I love the freshness and new growth of Spring.

  90. I love Autumn because it’s cooler and my birthday’s in October too!

  91. Summer is my favourite season, I love the sunshine and long walks on summer evenings.

  92. summer for sure I love the warmth having a bit of colour on my skin days out

  93. I love Summer! I love the warmth and being able to have bbqs.

  94. Definitely summer, I love being able to sit outside!

  95. Would look lovely in our new home.

  96. I love this time of year, love the cold weather, I’m not a fan of the heat so dread the summer, I love snuggling up on a cold evening, winter cooking and winter clothes

  97. Spring, longer nights are coming and the weather gets warmer

  98. Christmas, because it’s such a magical time of the year for children.

  99. Autumn is my favourite season, I love the cooler days and the vibrant colour changes of leaves on trees 🙂

  100. It has to be the summer, if only for the barbecues.

  101. Springtime is my favourite time of the year. Everything around us seems to come alive, crocuses the first to flower, warmer weather on it’s way & the lighter evenings.

  102. I love Winter when I can snuggle up inside and vegetate. Would love this to make being warm even more cosy


  104. Love Spring timw

  105. I love Spring and the promise of new life and adventures to come.

  106. Smmer – I love the sunshine.

  107. Spring, new growth and some heat to warm the bones after a cold winter

  108. Springtime

  109. summer is my favourite time

  110. Has to be summer.



  113. Spring with the lighter hours and all the new life of flowers, leaves, animals etc

  114. Has to be summer, loads of sunlight and warmth

  115. winter – snuggly nights in a warm house

  116. Winter for Xmas, new years, snow, comfort food and my birthday!

  117. Summer time

  118. Spring is my favourite because the days get longer, and the bulbs start coming through so getting out working in the garden is necessary.

  119. Winter time is my fave. When its dark outside there is nothing better than cosying up with the kids on the sofa with a movie and popcorn

  120. I love Spring when everything is coming back to life

  121. Winter. Snuggled warm inside watching the snow swirl

  122. It’s definitely got to be Summer with warmth, light mornings listening to the dawn chorus, i hate being cold lol

  123. Would love this in my freezing Victorian home!

  124. I love the winter when you can wear layers and wooly hats and snuggle up on the sofa. During the summer you don’t want to get near anyone

  125. Love summer light nights and mornings

  126. Spring definitely, nights getting lighter, trees turning green, spring flowers and people smiling more.

  127. Autumn ❤️

  128. Christmas is my favourite! This would be wonderful to make it even more festive!

  129. Wow! Fabulous Prize <3 Thanks for the chance to #WIN. Fingers Crossed x

  130. Christmas.

  131. I love winter!

  132. i love autumn. the colours are amazing!

  133. I love autumn. Just the right temperature and beautiful colours.

  134. Autmn, has that nip in the air and the anticipation of christmas and snow

  135. Autumn is the best season. The heat of summer has gone but you still have all the beautiful colours but none of the freezing temperatures

  136. Summer…bbq season

  137. I love Autumn, Halloween and dark evenings!

  138. Autumn I think.

  139. Summer. Sunshine, warmth and the garden in full bloom.

  140. Love winter, curled up in front of the fire watching it snowing – perfect x

  141. Spring time!

  142. Summer – its when my garden is at its best

  143. My favourite time of year is summer with the longer light evenings

  144. my favourite time of the year is Christmas! ❤


  146. I love the Autumn when it starts getting dark in the evening and you can come home from work, clothes the curtains, put PJ’s on, light some candles and spend the rest of the night on the sofa!

  147. Summer as I prefer the warmer weather

  148. Summer – the sunshine, parties and my daughters birthday make it a great time of year for us

  149. Autumn 🙂 I love the colours, the leaves and feeling cosy but still enjoying being outdoors with my family

  150. I actually don’t have a favorite I always look forward to the next season. Love the cosy winterdays at home, looking forward to spring when everything seems to wake up, warm summer evenings and the colorful autumn.

  151. My favourite season is Winter but only the cold, calm and snowy days. Hate all the icy wind and rain 🙂

  152. I love the Autumn for the country walks and the trees changing colour and returning to a cosy home.

  153. I love the Autumn

  154. i love autumn i love the crisp frosy mornings and the colours of the leaves

  155. Summer so we are able to get outside and let the air flow through the house

  156. My favourite time of year is Winter. The wilder the weather, the more I love it.

  157. I do love Autumn with the excitement of Halloween and Christmas looming and a great excuse to put those socks back on and snuggle in front of the TV!

  158. winter so I can stay cosy at home

  159. So hard to answer as I actually love all seasons for different reasons but I guess the Spring is my favourite over all

  160. I like spring as it’s not too hot or cold!

  161. Summer without a doubt!

  162. love winter but hate the gas bills x

  163. the summer, i love swimming in the lakes having romantic picnics etc

  164. It has to be summer! I just cannot stand the cold weather, rain and snow, I just wasn’t designed for it! It’s very pretty though.

  165. Spring when the plants in the garden start pushing their way out the soil for a bright new beginning

  166. has to be summertime

  167. I love the Spring the best !

  168. Autumn – Not to hot, not too cold!

  169. My fave time of year is Summer because i love the heat, BUT…….my fave thing about winter is renting a cottage with a woodburner and snuggling in, I would love to have one in my home but money stops me, so many thanks for the oppurtunity x

  170. If I’m honest it’s Summer time …long days and heat …but this would certainly make these Winter nights more bearable. x

  171. I love Autumn, with all the beautiful changing colours of nature.

  172. I like the spring. Everything is new and the weather starts to get a bit warmer x
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  173. I love summer – lots of lovely bright weather to enjoy!

  174. I like spring, I love the newness and promise of things to come

  175. Springtime

  176. Autumn Time! The colour of the leaves and the crisp weather is wonderful ^_^

  177. Great giveaway

  178. Summer. I don’t like the cold at all.

  179. I do love summer for the occasional long hot summer days. Winter comes a close second if there is few days of good deep snow.

  180. I love autumn and winter when it’s really frosty/snowy!

  181. Spring. Blossoms , balmy breeze and promise of summer not far off.

  182. I love autumn, love the beautiful colours that come out x

  183. autumn. i love looking forward to bonfire night

  184. Has to be summer – BBQs!

  185. christmas 🙂 x

  186. Summer – I’m so much happier, I hate being cold & wet!

  187. Love Autumn as everything is so beautiful

  188. Spring is my favourite season

  189. I love Spring as it is still lovely and fresh but the weather is slightly warmer and the nights are longer.

  190. Late spring, when you have longer days and blue skies, but the mornings are still nice and crisp.

  191. I love summer, lighter evenings and less money spent on heating the house

  192. Spring is my favourite time of year; seeing the bulbs bursting through the soil into life, the lambs in the fields and the nights getting lighter, it’s a perfect time of year.

  193. summer because it’s my birthday!

  194. Autumn, crisp leaves, beautiful colours in the trees and the start of the ‘snuggle up’ season!

  195. Summer, longer and warmer days just make me feel so much better

  196. I love Autumn, playing with the kids in the leaves, picking conkers with them and lovely countryside walks.

  197. My favourite time of year is the winter. It includes my birthday and christmas plus I love the cosy nights.

  198. Summer. It just makes everyone happy when the sun is shining.

  199. I love the summer. Sun bathing and bbqs!!!

  200. Spring is my favourite, the days get warmer and longer and flowers start to fill the garden.

  201. I love the Spring because I get excited when the weather gets warmer and the nights get lighter

  202. Winter,warm toasty fires why snuggled, roasted chestnuts & warm stews & casseroles,over sized jumprs oh how i love Winter 🙂

  203. Autumn is my favourite time of the year!

  204. Spring as the flowers break through the ground and the buds appear on trees and the birds sing.

  205. Summer, I hate the cold and the dark nights

  206. I love winter, with the cool crisp mornings and beautiful afternoons.

  207. This would make cold dark nights more bearable

  208. I like Autumn, lovely and bright with beautiful colours.

  209. I love Autumn. Sunny days and cosy evenings by the fire

  210. My favourite time of the year is spring. With the days starting to get longer and the new buds popping up it signals a fresh new start. It lifts my spirit and inspires me to get things done.

  211. looks a fabulous fire what you need in this day and age with the price of gas and electric you can burn all sort s on a wood burner

  212. Autumn is my fave time of the year. Crisp fresh air, beautiful Colours in the woodlands, low sun sets and roaring fires that start with bonfires before migrating inside for cosy nights.

  213. Love Summer for the sunshine & warmth but also love Winter for the dark Winter evenings

  214. It must be Spring – days get longer & warmer.

  215. Spring – cool and crisp days, new growth and lambs.

  216. I really struggle to answer this question – the lead up to Christmas is obviously a good time but as is the Summer. I like the Spring because there’s lots of things happening, and in the Autumn all the good coffee flavours come out of hiding. Too difficult to answer for me!!

  217. Summer

  218. Hmmmm, well in the winter I think I like summer the best but actually I like having the excuse to batten down the hatches, shelter from the weather, keep warm and watch tv. In summer I always feel like I should be doing something or going somewhere or even worse – doing DIY!!!! :-/

  219. It would be great for our home renovation project.

  220. Winter i love the cold and always hope for plenty of snow

  221. I love Christmas

  222. I love Spring

  223. Spring

  224. I love the summer months!

  225. Love Spring x

  226. My favourite time of the year is summer for the light mornings and nights

  227. Summer – love being able to sit in my garden and read.

  228. Christmas

  229. Winter is my favourite time of the year! I love Christmas, winter walks and comfort food 🙂

  230. I love spring because of the promise of the rest of the year. Plus, I love to see the first daffodils popping up in our garden.

  231. Late spring when the days are longer and the sun is warm on your skin

  232. autumn

  233. Summer is favourite time of year, nice, long and hot days

  234. WINTER time……lots of snuggle time by the cosy fire!

  235. Spring, it is as if life were beging again.

  236. i love the winter

  237. i like the summer, the weather is warm and the garden looks nice

  238. My favourite is Autumn, such beautiful colours and its perfect for exploring outside with my children

  239. I realy like spring as I love walking in the woods with the bluebells around me and the birds singing, all new life seems to be springing everywhere!

  240. Autumn. You get warm days and cool, clear nights. I can still enjoy whatever is left in the garden and the woods around me are full of funghi and the odd morsel of fruit. And there’s the orange of pumpkins everywhere. 😀

  241. Springtime,snow drops,crocus,daffodils,the latter just like sunshine.

  242. I can;t really pick a season as I love them all when they come around – I do especially love to watch the world spring back to life though in Spring

  243. Love Autumn- the weather’s mild enough to enjoy being outside, but cool enough to be comfortable in chunky knitwear. The colours are beautiful…. the nights are dark and cooler, perfect for getting cosy with hot chocolate! And you still have all the excitement of Christmas to come. Just perfect 🙂

  244. Christmas time

  245. I’m a Summer girl! Love being outside with our children and even better on a beach!

  246. Christmas is my favourite time of year, I love the cosy feeling!

  247. My favourite time has to be spring – I just love seeing all the little animals and flowers coming out!

  248. i love the summer ,lots of sun and fun outdoors x

  249. I like the Spring, it seems full of optimism

  250. This would look fantastic in my kitchen!

  251. Summer is my favourite time of year!!

  252. Winter, especially if it’s snowing and I am snuggled up to the log burner with a good book and a cat on my lap – purrfect.

  253. Has to be winter. Lots of warm hot chocolate and fires. So cosy.

  254. Summer for definite

  255. spring because i get fed up of short cold days!

  256. This would be amazing in the middle of our family space. Have wanted one for ages

  257. Winter, when we got married

  258. The spring, all the flowers blooming and lighter nights

  259. Summer, I really do find this bright sunshine puts me in a good mood.

  260. would love this for my daughters home it is a cottage and is very cold, they have just had a new baby and the baby keeps getting coughs, not surprising really as the place is really cold. so would be so pleased and relieved if I could give them this special prize especially as they are getting married soon… what a wedding present it could be….. heres hoping

  261. would love this for my daughters home it is a cottage and is very cold, they have just had a new baby and the baby keeps getting coughs, not surprising really as the place is really cold. so would be so pleased and relieved if I could give them this special prize especially as they are getting married soon… what a wedding present it could be….. heres hoping forgot to say summer is favourite time of year

  262. summer summer summer tiiiime

  263. My favourite time of the year is Summer – I love being outside and getting some fresh air, and I love going to music festivals 🙂

  264. I love summer- long warm days, dry weather and funtimes camping, skating, kayaking and swimming in the sea

  265. Defiantly spring there is something about the fresh air smell I love it

  266. Defiantly spring there’s a lovely crisp smell in the air I love it

  267. Easter egg hunt – I love hiding the eggs 🙂

  268. I love the Autumn because of the colours of the leaves and the slight chill in the air when you can start wearing cosy jumpers and boots, and it’s still warm enough for some nice walks.

  269. Winter! Love the crisp cold of outside, then coming into a roaring fire to be all cozy

  270. I love summer. The sun, blue skies and gorgeous flowers blooming all around. Perfect!

  271. Winter so I can snuggle up inside

  272. my fave time of year has to be summer because as i get older i find i cant cope with being cold anymore.

  273. I LOVE Winter, I love the snow (when it comes) the way it makes the sky light up, the way it groans and aches in the dark. The fresh footprints. I love the chilly mornings walking to work, wrapped up in a million layers. I love wooly hats, hot fires in country pubs….. mmmmmm best time of year!

  274. For me it’s Spring, my favourite flowers (daffodils) comes out, my favourite animals (lambs) are born, and the world begins to look like its waking from a sleep

  275. Summer sun – favorite time of year!

  276. Has to be summer – sick of the cold at the moment!

  277. Has to be summer – sick of the cold at the moment!!

  278. I love Spring when all the blossom and flowers are springing up everywhere, the brighter Mornings after Winter make getting up a bit easier!

  279. My favourite time of year is the autumn. The colours, the smells, the bonfires and bird song.

  280. Springtime. Longer days, not too hot or too cold for walks.

  281. I love spring .Everything starts to grow , the birds starts singing and the days become longer and warmer.

  282. Before moving house my favourite time of the year was winter as we would enjoy long lazy days/nights with hot chocolates with our boys infront of the open fire watching films. This would be perfect for our new house & finally make it warm, welcoming and homely

  283. I love Spring

  284. This would be amazing to replace our broken fire in the lounge. its always the last on the list and there’s always something else that needs taking care of first. Its a lovely prize, thanks for doing this competition.x

  285. Christmas 🙂 I wouldn’t say winter in general, but I do love December. If you mean seasons, I’d probably go for autumn because the weather isn’t (usually) too extreme and the leaves are lovely

  286. I love when autumn begins and the nights start to draw in and you turn on the fire for the first time. It’s such a cosy time of the year.

  287. I love winter. I don’t tolerate any kind of heat, so winter is perfect!

  288. Winter as I am obsessed with Christmas but like things about all of the seasons

  289. I love all the seasons but after the long hot summer we had last year I have found that Autumn is my favorite. Warm days and then cooler evenings so that sleep comes easier, plus the added bonus of my Birthday on Halloween.

  290. Spring is my favourite time of the year

  291. Spring is my favourite season

  292. love the winter as we get to celebrate christmas xx

  293. Summer

  294. Love to cuddle up In The winter months in front of this fire

  295. For the weather late spring into summer. For the buzz, the Christmas season – thogh January becaomes a bit of a let down.

  296. For the weather late spring into summer. For the buzz, the Christmas season – though January becomes a bit of a let down.

  297. I love the spring when the garden is beginning to look interesting and the birds are busy building nests and singing about it!

  298. My favourite time of year is spring. I hate winter, and being stuck in because it’s cold. Spring is my birthday and when all the pretty flowers come out, not to mention baby lambs and Easter eggs !!!

  299. summer for the heat!

  300. Spring 🙂

  301. I do love summer, but Autumn is probably my favourite before it starts getting dark early. It’s nice cosying up in front of a fire when the weather starts chilling.

  302. I love autumn! Crisp, sunny walks though the woods, with the leaves all changing colour! 🙂

  303. My favourite time of the year has to be winter with the nice cold weather and being able to wear my favourite jumpers.

  304. I like Summer, when I can spend time on the beach or in the garden.

  305. Summer as it’s so unpredictable

  306. I love spring, the lighter nights and warmer days, are a fantastic contrast to the cold dark cosy winter nights!

  307. my lounge really needs this

  308. I like the summer for the longer days and hopefully sunshine

  309. I love the summer because I love gardening and it is more pleasant in warm weather. However, if i win this stove, all that may change – imagine cosy nights and days curled up in front of a log fire – blissful x

  310. I like Autumn x

  311. When i was little we had an open fire. nothing quite like it to make a home warm and comfy

  312. I love autumn and beautiful golden carpet of crunch leaves on th floor when walking the dog

  313. I love spring – it feels so nice as the days get warmer and longer.

  314. Love summr

  315. March is my favourite time of the year, not too hot and not cold

  316. The spring because I love it when the garden starts to waken and tulips, daffodils etc emerge then flower.

  317. Autumn .. I love the gorgeous colours and the golden carpet of leaves on the floor.

  318. My favourite time of year is autumn as long as the weather remains dry, love those crispy leaves.

  319. I love spring, the beautiful flowers and young animals and warm sunshine

  320. l love spring seeing all the flowers popping up

  321. i like spring time

  322. Spring is my fave! Love when the weather gets a bit warmer and all the daffodils start poking through etc.

  323. I would love this

  324. Winter cosy nights at home!

  325. I love summer because i love warmth

  326. For me it has to be spring, it’s a promise of summer and the start of colour and life for many

  327. summer, cooking al fresco at every opportunity.

  328. Difficult question, I love summer days outside with my family. But I think Christmas and snow days might top that, so going to have to say winter.

  329. Autumn. I love the weather then and the nice dark mornings when I’m going to work etc.

  330. I love summer with the long days, and the chance to be outdoors all the time but a stove like this would make winter more attractive

  331. Spring – love all the Spring flowers and buds breaking on trees

  332. been hankering after one of these for a while for our cold sunroom .

  333. autumn is mine

  334. Spring when all the baby animals are about

  335. Spring is my favourite season it brings snowdrops daffodils and bluebells

  336. Spring – lovely to see the plants and trees bloom and see the birds nesting

  337. Early Spring – when the air is cool and the skies clear. Love it.

  338. Early Spring – cool air and bright blue skies. Love it.

  339. Summer – I love sitting outside in the sunshine!

  340. I like all the seasons but I think Spring when everything new starts to grow and its neither too hot or too cold

  341. I love Spring.

  342. I love Spring. My three daughters were all born in April. The buds on the trees, the flowers blooming and the lambs tell me its all starting again and we have survived winter!

  343. Summer of course

  344. I love spring, we can have some lovely warm sunny days but not too hot and the spring flowers all burst into colour

  345. Christmas time….
    Nothing better than snuggling up with the kids watching movies & drinking hot chocolate, I love buying gifts for people too 🙂

  346. i love winter i like to cosy up in front of the fire hoping for snow

  347. Love the Summer. Love to be outside in the sun, wearing very little and preferable no shoes but some sort of sandals if I have to

  348. I like Winter – I hate being hot

  349. I love autumn because the air always feels clear and fresh and there are lots of events to look forward to x

  350. spring, it starts warming up, can get out in the garden and start to watch things grow again

  351. spring is the best season..watching everything start to grow as it warms up

  352. has to be summer, I hate the cold and love the sunshine and warmth that summer brings

  353. I love the summer, because I hate being cold

  354. I love Autumn when it’s warm enough in the day to get out for walks and see the beautfiul changing colours but chilly enough in the evening to snuggle up by the fire

  355. I love spring. I love all the flowers in spring

  356. autumn because its so colourful and slightly cooler weather

  357. I love the winter!

  358. I love spring, the days get a bit longer and hopefully sunnier and the flowers start poking through

  359. Autumn! My birthday, weather is not too bad and we usually go to our other home…Cyprus! Amaing.

  360. spring for me, as everything coming to life

  361. I love summer. When the days are long and warm and the kiddies are on school holiday.

  362. All the seasons have their good bits. Spring – the new growth and beginnings. Summer – the warmth. Autumn – the beautiful colours. Winter – the crisp dry frosty mornings.

  363. Summer! Love the long hours of daylight, bbqs and being able to wear shorts later into the evening!

  364. I love autumn. The colours are beautiful. It’s still warm enough to enjoy the outside but it’s cold enough to snuggle up on an evening xx

  365. Spring because everything is clean and fresh and smells lovely

  366. Spring is my favourite season, bright and new.

  367. Most definitely the summer!

  368. Winter, I love the cold and getting to snuggle up by the fire.

  369. I do like Spring, the new plant growth, more daylight, warmer weather and do not forget the second half of the football season. Which if you like football is an exciting time.

  370. Spring 🙂 xxxxx

  371. Summer – I need to be warm!

  372. Id love one of these for the conservatory..

  373. Summer .. family birthdays and warm evenings in the garden

  374. I love spring time, the flowers are all coming out and the washing can start to be hung outside again

  375. Would love this in my new kitchen- spring is the best

  376. Summer time, I love the warm weather and light nights. I hate being cold in winter.

  377. Autumn – the weather cools down but it’s still perfect for getting out and about during the day but cool enough in the evenings to have cuddles on the sofa

  378. Winter because its christmas!!

  379. deffo summer time

  380. My favourite time of year is Autumn, not only is it my birthday! but the oranges, yellows and warm browns of the trees is amazing

  381. Spring

  382. i love all the seasons as they have different things to offer but spring when everything is bursting into life just makes my number one season

  383. Winter is my favourite time of the year! Cuddled up on the sofa watching movies with my son and partner x

  384. I love spring, because it’s full of hope, new beginnings and….chocolate eggs.

  385. Love summer cause of family BBQs

  386. My favourite time of year is spring, I just love the longer days!

  387. I love Spring and autumn

  388. Summer is definitely my favourite time of year as I get out in the fresh air more

  389. my favourite time used to be Christmas but i much prefer Halloween, last year my 3 year old grand daughter got dressed up and went trick or treating for the 1st ever time i was lucky enough to have time of f work and have the joy of going with her she enjoyed it immensly and so did i, i was so happy and elated to see the joy in my grand daughters eyes and it became an ever lasting memories of her dressed up and experiencing trick or treating for the first time, my grand daughter is the apple of my eye and when she is happy i am happy and believe me she was happy

  390. Autumn is my favourite x

  391. Summer holidays

  392. I love winter time, we have a stove which has seen better days and it would be lovely to replace it!

  393. Spring is my favourite time of the year. Lighter evenings and everything starts to come alive again!!

  394. It has to be winter/Christmas time. There is nothing quite as nice as snuggling under a blanket by a real fire while it’s snowing or blowing a gale outside! Love it!

  395. Summer – I am of Greek descent, I need warm weather!

  396. My favourite time of the year is Summer. Holidays, great weather and BBQs!

  397. My favourite time of the year is spring when everything starts growing again.

  398. I love summer, warm, bright, colourful and flip flops!

  399. Has to be spring! Everything coming back to life, love to hear birds in the morning, days getting warmer and lovely spring flowers and blossom

  400. I love Autumn ~ Love all the pretty colours and leaves.

  401. Spring :- As lovely to see the days gradually getting brighter. The weather feeling warmer. Plants and flowers beginning to grow / blossom. Leaves on trees, birds chirping. Really reminds me of new life / new beginnings.

  402. Definitely Spring. It’s a season when everyone’s alive

  403. love the summer…long warm days , lots of laughter and fun

  404. Spring, I love seeing all the new life around.

  405. I love the summer

  406. I love all the seasons of the year, but I particularly love Spring as it feels like a rebirth of society, all the flowers appearing, baby animals being born and people appearing for casual walks in the fresh bright air.

  407. I love the summer it’s nice and warm, this stove would help me keep warm

  408. I love spring, seeing the sun shine a little makes it easier to get out of bed in the mornings, hearing the birds sing and leaves start to grow again is lovely x

  409. Early Autumn often has fine settled days without bitter cold or wilting heat.

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