Social Media Marketing for 2019


Mummy says…. as we say goodbye to 2018 and hello to 2019 I will enter my fifth year of blogging. I have learnt so much in that time – and am still learning all the time. One aspect that I am is an ongoing process is my Social Media Marketing…

Social Media Marketing for 2019

Sometimes it is best to take stock, have a review, and look at what has worked and what maybe hasn’t.

I do all my Social Media Marketing myself – my blog is my full time job, but you may be lucky enough to employ someone to help you. Experts such as Bernham and PR companies may be able to help with advice and tips, or take some of the work from you.

One thing I have learnt is that there is no quick way to build a solid social media following on any platform. You have to be patient and consistent with your posting and interaction.

Here are some tips which I hope will help you:

  1. No matter how tempting it may seem, do not use companies with autobots to do your social media networking for you. They can be traced and your account could be heavily penalised or even suspended / deleted.
  2. Facebook owns Instagram and has trackable connections. These can be advantageous or detrimental depending on what you do. You can post to IG and share it to FB at the same time which does seem to give a slightly higher FB engagement on the post. FB uses a tracking code on links that you click within groups which can harm your FB and IG account as it tracks your activity.
  3. If you post on IG, don’t share to Twitter at the same time, people tend to scroll through the platform they are on – and don’t appear to like to click over to another.
  4. Tweets with a photo / image have a higher engagement.
  5. Don’t worry about other peoples accounts / followers / engagement. Focusing on your own takes enough time and energy as it is! Concentrate on getting your content out there.
  6. Following publishing a blog post, make sure you post at least a tweet and FB post with images and a link to the post. Tag the brand if applicable ( not forgetting to declare if it is a paid post or a gifted product). Interact with other users – like / share / comment / RT a few posts organically. Make sure your post has a vertical pinnable image.
  7. Blog support groups on FB are great – and joining social media marketing threads can be very useful to boost a post, but you should be working and promoting organically too. Some threads such as Pinterest repin ones can actually be harmful as by reciprocating as is required, you may be pinning content which doesn’t sit well with your account. You should also only repin quality, vertical pins which not everyone has.
  8. Post consistently. I have lapsed with this over the past few weeks and it is on my 2019 To Do list. Even if you post twice a week, make sure you post twice a week. Quality is always better than quantity.

These tips barely scratch the surface of Social Media Marketing, I am no expert but just wanted to share some basic tips which I have learnt are worth knowing. There will always be exceptions to the rules, these are just my personal guidelines.

Have you any tips you can add?


  1. I really didn’t realise how much there was to social media before starting my blog. It’s been such a learning curve for us both hasn’t it. One thing I would add is that video is really powerful and works on most platform, it’s really worth investing in
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  2. Interesting read – so informative thanks

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