How To Keep Santa Alive

How To Keep Santa Alive


Mummy says… Pickle has just turned 6, and is questioning everything about Christmas and Santa this year. Here are a few of his concerns, I wonder if you are facing the same dilemmas?….

How To Keep Santa Alive

  1. Are the different Santa’s in the different grottos the REAL Santa?
  2. How does our Elf tell Santa anything, he is a toy?
  3. How does Santa get into the house – our chimney was blocked up last year, and his Nan doesn’t have one.
  4. How does Santa land on your roof if you live in a flat?
  5. How does Santa get around everyone’s houses in the world?

Now, my mother tells me that I was inquisitive, questioning everything to do with Santa, but I was older than 6! Pickle believes, he is just trying to genuinely figure out how it all happens. I keep replying that there is a lot of magic involved, and that no- one really knows. He seems placated with this – for now! Myself and my family are all co-ordinating our stories so that Pickle can’t catch us out! He is so super excited this year – way more than last year, and to watch and listen to him is just magical in itself. With my other children being 16, almost 19 and 22, Pickle has brought back the magic to us all and it is truly wonderful. We are all so looking forward to a fantastic family Christmas together.

We will be doing a few things this year that we have done for the past few Christmasses to keep Santa alive including:

  1. Writing to Santa and receiving a gorgeous reply from him.
  2. Receiving a truly magical video and phone call from Santa with PNP.
  3. Tracking Santa online on Christmas Eve with Norad.
  4. Simply saying that if you don’t believe, Santa won’t visit and leave any presents!

So, are you facing anything similar in your family this year? Have you any advice to help keep Santa alive?




  1. aw this is a lovely post. I think writing a letter and getting the reply is so magical, as well as tracking him on christmas eve x

  2. We are facing the same problem with my little girls asking so many questions now as she is 8 and we are trying to keep the magic alive too by taking them to Santa visits and stuff.

  3. It must be tough when they become bigger and start questioning everything, my nephew is same age as pickle but not yet started asking the questions about the man in a white suite

  4. To be fair those are such smart questions to ask! Clever little boy!

  5. My 10 year old is questioning but thankfully Eliza and Sebby are still big believers

  6. Some great ideas. My 9 year old is questioning it all and I’m desperate to keep the magic alive.

  7. It must be hard to keep the kids believing as they get older! Would be so much easier if he actually was real!!

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