Fashion Christmas Gift Ideas for Teens

Fashion Christmas Gift Ideas for Teens


Mummy says….I have talked before about some Christmas gift ideas for the university student in your
life. Gifts like a food hamper and new throws and snuggly blankets are always good as they are gifts that they can actually use. I also have some great fashion Christmas gift ideas for teens…

Fashion Christmas Gift Ideas for Teens

Functional, wearable clothes make great gifts for teens. We all know how much we loved trying new clothes and experimenting with different looks when we were teens. The teenagers in your life will go through the same phase too and will love these:

T-shirts are the most versatile fashion pieces ever. Teens love wearing print tees and pairing them to create different looks. T-shirts with striking prints or band logos are also very popular among teens for the statements they make when worn.
For a gift, you want to go with something more special like the Saint Laurent T-shirt. Paired with
jeans or skirts and a gorgeous Saint Laurent Bag – plus a pair of white trainers or a limited-edition
model – your teens will look fab. The SSENSE Saint Laurent T-shirt catalogue is where you can start
your search.

Cable Jumper
Just like tees, you can never go wrong with a cable jumper. They are so easy to pair with other fashion pieces and your teen will love them.
Cable jumpers are great for travelling too, they are a bit like a blanket and can keep your teen warm during long flights and colder nights. It is a very versatile fashion piece to have.

Trainers and sneakers are always great gifts for teens. Trainers are mainly designed for exercising
and certain sporting activities while sneakers are loved for their designs and comfort. While your
teens will always love a good pair of trainers, picking a pair as a gift isn’t as straightforward.
The world of trainers is vast and filled with great options. Pairs like the Nike Air Force I Premium HD
are timeless pieces that work with different looks, and they are the best kind of trainers to get.
Other trendy pairs like Adidas NMD are more seasonal.
There are also limited-edition sneakers that are released in batches, each with a unique design.
Teens go crazy for them, but you have to find pairs that are reasonably priced if you are picking one
up as a gift; limited edition sneakers often sell at a premium as they are collectible.

Fashion accessories tend to be safer as gifts for several reasons. You seldom have to worry about sizes and they will mostly work with different looks.
Watches are perfect for special occasions like birthdays and Christmas as is jewellery. Teens care more about the design of the jewellery you give them than the price.
Other favourites include belts and bags. Belts are certainly a great gift for male teenagers. As for bags,
you have a lot of options to choose from, including handbags, totes to and backpacks for their
You can even buy specialised bags for hobbies like gaming and photography, complete with special
features and suitable designs. Similar to trainers, bags can also be very expensive.

Do you have teens in your family? Have you any fashion Christmas gift ideas for teens to add?

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