Celebrating Amazing Women

Celebrating Amazing Women


Mummy says… Having two adult daughters aged 19 and 22 who are strong, independent and sassy, we love celebrating amazing women around the world. We are all fierce feminists who believe that every woman matters, and every woman has the right to all the opportunities that men have….

Celebrating Amazing Women

I want to share some pretty amazing women with you, and urge you to check out their websites and work.

  1. Marina Diamandes a singer songwriter who is half greek, half welsh. My 19 year old daughter Lea introduced me to Marina and her music a few years ago and I absolutely love her. She has stuck to her own path musically, refusing to change her genre, style or lyrics for the masses. Her lyrics are haunting and personal and I totally get why Lea was inspired by her from the first time she listened to her.
  2. Bridget Jones I just know that MiMi, my eldest daughter would have Bridget in our post celebrating amazing women. Obviously a fictional character, there is more than a little Bridget in me and my daughters (especially MiMi!) We regularly have ‘Bridget Jones moments’ and totally relate to this wonderful lady.
  3. Julie Queler is a lady you most probably have not heard of, a lady I have recently come across on the internet, and she is an inspiration. She was the owner of the Orchid Rehabilitation Centre to help women suffering from substance abuse and other mental health problems to have a successful recovery with holistic treatments, professional care and top facilities. in 2014 Julie sold the centre and turned to helping students by advocating student loam reform in America to reduce the debt students can find themselves with which can lead to depression and substance abuse. Having out my eldest daughter through University, and Lea just starting, this is a subject I am really interested in too.
  4. Emily Wilding Davison this woman is believed to be the first who died for women to gain the right to vote. At a time of great uncertainty in the UK, centering around the vote to leave the EU, I wanted to include this amazing woman who was known for the extreme lengths she went to in her fight for women’s rights. She was arrested nine times, and often protested by means of hunger strike, being brutally force-fed 49 times while in prison.
  5. Rosa Parks referred to as the mother of the civil rights movement. She was arrested, fingerprinted, jailed, and fined $14.00 in 1955 in Montgomery, Alabama because she refused to give up her seat on a city bus to a white passenger. Her courage made it possible for African Americans to sit in any available seat on a bus intended for public transit. Rosa felt that black and white people should all have the same rights. She actually refused to give up her seat because she was tired and her feet were hurting from working. She did not believe it was fair that she had to give her seat up to someone just because he was white.

I am sure you will agree and join in us celebrating amazing women – who would you like to add to our list?

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