Christmas Gift Ideas for a Uni Student 2018

Christmas Gift Ideas for a Uni Student 2018


Mummy says… Ok, your child is at Uni – maybe for the first year, or they may be in their second or third year! What are the best things you can buy them for Christmas? Here are our suggestions for Christmas gift ideas for a Uni student. I have updated this post for 2018

Lea has just started Uni in London, and MiMi (My eldest) graduated last year, so I have a few years experience of Christmas Gift Ideas for a Uni Student! Obviously all students want and need money, but we love to give some presents too, as do the rest of the family. It is important to buy stuff that she will want, appreciate and need which is not always easy!

Christmas Gift Ideas for a Uni Student 2018


1. Make up a hamper with a theme – i.e food or treats. Choose a lovely box or basket that can be used after for storage and fill it with goodies. Look out for their favourite treat in a luxury or brand version because they will have been buying the value ones! Choose long life non- perishable treats to last through January and beyond. Toiletries are a good choice too. Perfume or aftershave, shower gel, their favourite shampoo etc. If they are in their first year they probably won’t have a bath, just a shower so bath bombs won’t be of much use.

2. Anything to brighten their room. This is probably the first ‘home’ they have had on their own, and it can feel so bare and impersonal. Make it cosy with candles – Yankee Candles are great, a jar or votive in a gorgeous holder (REMIND THEM OF THE FIRE HAZARD AND TO NEVER LEAVE THEM LIT IF THEY GO OUT). Remember to check if they are allowed candles in their property. Posters, wall hangings (check the terms of the halls, room / house lease for putting things on walls). You can buy Command hooks which leave no trace on walls when removed. A range of cushions and a new duvet cover set will help make the room theirs too. A photo frame with family / siblings in is an idea too.

3. Useful gifts to keep them warm! Throws and snuggly blankets, cosy pyjamas and onesies. Their room will probably be cooler – especially when they start paying their own bills! An electric blanket is a real treat too, as is a hot water bottle.

4. Gift Cards or Vouchers – rather than actual cash. This means they can treat themselves in their favourite store without feeling they should be buying more pasta. I would suggest maybe a One for All gift card, or Love to Shop Vouchers.

5. A portable TV with built in DVD – and the years TV licence to go with it. Or, a years subscription to Netflix or similar. Lea watches all of her programs on her MacBook. NB – they will need their own TV licence if watching BBC or BBC iPLayer on a TV or device which has to be plugged in to watch, i.e a games console. They are covered by YOUR licence if they use a device which can be watched with its own power such as a battery.

6. A luxury dressing gown – especially in a house with a shared bathroom. They can pop it on after a shower when nipping back to their room, or to the kitchen to make a cuppa.

7. New winter coat and/or boots. Student loans don’t stretch to these. Or nice new underwear.

8. New earphones. For the life of us we do not now what happens to them.

9. New phone charger. Especially if it is for an Apple device. They just don’t seem to last long.

10. A Giftcard for their favourite coffee shop – they can enjoy a little treat after Christmas.


We hope you find these ideas useful – do you have any to add?

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Christmas Gift Ideas for a Uni Student 2018


  1. Lovely gift ideas. Love the ideas of gift vouchers as it is something they can use after Christmas for a little treat for themselves. Very true about student loans not stretching that far, I remember mine and having to watch every penny, so a lovely new winter coat or boots would have been fantastic.

  2. Lots of brilliant ideas here. I have a 14 year old and I know the next few years are going to fly by and she will be at Uni before I know it… :/ Will remember your gift tips! 🙂

  3. These are a really good idea. When I was at uni it would have been headphones, as I was always losing them xx

  4. A great range of gift ideas here! When I was a university student I was always grateful for gift cards because money was always tight 🙂

  5. These are some fantastic gift ideas. I could really see themed hampers going down a treat.

  6. This is such a lovely list. I would’ve loved to have received a hamper of some nice M&S food goodies after surviving on pot noodles and eggs.

  7. I love the idea of a themed hamper. What uni student doesn’t want food for example?

  8. Gift cards were so helpful when I was a student. My mum used to have a card from the supermarket and it would be used to top up the one I had which helped with shopping

  9. Gift cards were so helpful when I was a student. My mum used to have a card from the supermarket and it would be used to top up the one I had which helped with shopping

  10. The Make up a hamper with a theme is a great idea.
    thank you for the post.

  11. Great ideas! Gift cards are always helpful for kids that age!

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