Beauty Tips for Busy Mums

Beauty Tips for Busy Mums


Mummy says… It’s a bit of a sad feeling when we think about how much time we once spent getting ready in a morning compared to the routines we now have as parents. Most days it’s simply a case of throwing on something that’s clean and hoping we don’t have bits between our teeth! Not feeling the pressure of looking good every day and caring less and less what others think is also liberating, but if you’re wanting to recapture some of your glamour and not just look but also feel good, then you’re in luck. I have some super easy beauty tips for us busy mums…

Beauty Tips for Busy Mums

Remember to Moisturise

As a tired, busy parent you can’t afford to skip applying your moisturiser. You should be moisturising every time you cleanse and tone your face and also remove your makeup morning and night. You might have the best foundation on the market, but by giving your skin a little helping hand and keeping it soft and hydrated, your application will be much smoother and less patchy. Moisturising as part of a good skin care routine will help your skin look younger and feel fresher.

And don’t forget to moisturise your neck!

It’s in the bag

If you love a cup of green tea then don’t throw away those tea bags just yet! Applying tea bags to your eyes will reduce the puffiness and redness in the area. Just simply soak them in hot water like you normally would – allow them to cool to room temperature – squeeze out the excess liquid then place them on your eyes for a couple of minutes. The antioxidants in the tea will combat those wrinkles and the caffeine will get your circulation moving. You’ll look and feel more alert!

Lashing Out

Glam lashes aren’t just for models or having a night out. There’s no reason you can’t enjoy them every day and add a touch of glamour to your daily routine with minimal effort. You could get false ones applied in a style that suits you or get yours permed or tinted. Its relatively cheap and doesn’t take too long either. Plus, no more messy mascara or panda eyes!

Pearly Whites

Smiling is very quick and cheap way of boosting your natural beauty. But all those cups of coffee and glasses of well deserved red wine can take their toll…over the counter tooth whitening kits are easily available and affordable. Or get yourself a charcoal toothpaste and notice your smile get brighter within weeks. Instant, easy glamour.

Learner Driver

If getting ready in the morning is a struggle then consider taking your makeup kit in the car with you. By the time you reach your destination, your little one might have fallen asleep – giving you a few precious minutes to get an extra swipe of mascara and layer of lippy.

Sleepy Shortcuts

Too tired to take your makeup off before bed? Don’t worry, just keep a stash of makeup remover pads/wipes on your bedside table.

Have you any Beauty Tips for Busy Mums to share?


  1. I really need to get me some half decent whitening tooth paste. I think having white teeth can change your whole look
    Natasha Mairs recently posted…For Her Christmas Gift Guide 2018My Profile

  2. These are some great tips. I struggle to find the time to put makeup on and do anything special with my hair.

  3. I get that sometimes moisturising is a step I forget and if I do miss it I notice that my skin suffers especially in winter xx

  4. I definitely need some beauty tips. Most days I have absolutely no make up on at all.
    Michelle Murray recently posted…2018 Christmas Gift Guide For The Book LoversMy Profile

  5. My only tip would be ‘don’t forget to floss!’. For the last 20 years all I’ve done is moisturise, but now that I’m getting a bit older I’m delving into the wonderful world of cosmetics and spa treatments. I’m loving it!
    Elizabeth recently posted…A Day’s Shore Excursion in Willemstad, CuraçaoMy Profile

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